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28 March 2007

Team task management software.


Chirp is a group project task management & collaboration software tool. It helps you keep your finger on work being done by teammates in one or many projects. Enter task assignments big and small, then use the dashboard to identify trouble areas, or create reports to provide to your managers.

Chirp automatically synchronizes project information, task assignments and status updates between everyone on your team using the Plum Canary sync service. As you assign tasks in a project to new users, they automatically get added to the project team list, and immediately gain visibility into all team information.

Unlike web-based project management systems, which can't be used when you are not connected to the Internet, Chirp maintains a copy of all project and task information on your computer. Chirp will automatically update your entire project team with the changes once you get connected again.

Chirp is fully cross-platform, working identically on Windows and Mac, so everyone on your team can be fully integrated.

And you can try before you buy. Chirp is available in a 30-day trial for you and your team to use for free so you can get better at managing people, and meeting deadlines -- using Chirp.

What's new in Chirp

Version 2.3:

This release provides several significant new features:

  • Task tags: Tags are a new way of associating tasks with each other into groups other than Projects.
  • Nobody assignees: Nobody assignees are a new feature that allows tasks to be created and not assigned to an actual person. Instead, users can enter an assignee name in the form #somename as a placeholder for a future assignee.
  • Undated task ordering (preference): A new preference setting is available (on the Operation page) that controls whether tasks with no due date set are shown before, or after dated tasks.
  • Status history readability improvements: On Windows, (read-only) task status history entries are now made much more readable, with sharp black text on a grey background.
  • OS X launch services: Daily email reminders contain links that can launch Chirp. Until this release, these links only worked for Windows users. This release adds support for OS X users.
  • RYG status update interval change: This release reduces the frequency of how often Chirp checks to change RYG status entries from every second to every 60 seconds. (This provides a short window where improper / accidental date changes can be corrected before Chirp automatically changes an RYG status, and creates a bogus status history entry.)
  • 4272 - Date format setting not respected in the task details dialog;
  • 4273 - “Restore defaults” in Synchronization Preference page should not clear the device ID;
  • 4282 - Datepicker control does not display the correct date if a new day starts while Chirp is running;
  • 4283 - Keyboard shortcut listing bug.
  • 4308 - Improper pane resize jump when resizing the divider between the task table and the preview area on OS X;
  • 4324 - Auto views not saved properly until one sync is performed;
  • 4325 - Auto views using “issues” as a selector cause Chirp to hang;
  • 4334 - Printing to printer does not work on OS X;
Known issues
  • 4323 - Running Chirp requires that the user have write permission into the directory where Chirp is installed. On Windows, the default installation directory is C:Program FilesChirp; on OS X there is no default, but the typical installation directory is /Applications. In the case where a user does not have administrative rights (but where the admin installs Chirp into that directory), Chirp will hang on launch. The workaround is to install the Chirp application into a folder where the user has Write rights.
  • 4375 - Task Description should follow Priority in tab order on Task Detail page.
  • 4376 - Multi-word tags should not be quoted in the main table; Tags with commas should not be permitted in the Tag list.
  • 4377 - Edit / Delete do not properly appear in the context menu immediately after a new Auto View is created; another View must be selected first, then Delete/Edit will appear in the context menu for the desired (new) Auto View.
  • 4378 - Uninstaller says it is uninsalling 2.2.2 (not 2.3.3) (Windows only).
  • Residual issues from Release 2.2.1 remain
  • Vista: Chirp will not run on Windows Vista due to limitations with underlying windowing toolkits used by Chirp.

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