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07 November 2005

Perl script makes internationalization of apps easy, quick.


Internationalization of a Cocoa application is a labor-intensive task. Nib files and strings files need to be translated, and in the case of nib files that requires InterfaceBuilder, which the person translating needs to be familiar with.

But once an application is translated, the work does not stop: Any change to the user interface now has to be performed in all languages, which is a lot of work, and it is easy to overlook a connection or other change.

i18n is a perl script designed to make internationalization of applications easy and quick. Here are it's advantages:

  • All UI modifications need only be performed on nib files in the developers chosen language
  • Translations are made on a simple text file, no developer tools are required
  • UI changes are quick and easy, only new terms need to be translated
  • All foreign-language nib files are auto-created
  • i18n pre-translates common terms learned from previous projects

The online manual is available here.

18n is free for personal use. If however you use it frequently or if you would like to support development of quality OS X software, please consider a donation.

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