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Graphite Widget

25 October 2005

Track and graph changes to a number on a website.


Graphite is a free widget for Apple's Dashboard. You give it a website and a number on that site, and it will track and graph changes to that number over time. Here's a few sample graphs.

Current features:

  • Three-click graphs: open a site in Safari, click 'Discover URL,' then 'Discover Text' and click the number you want to graph.
  • Multiple lines on the same graph - up to five.
  • Multiple instances for different graphs - infinite.
  • Automatic scaling - any values between zero and a trillion. (Scaling for very small decimals still needs work.)
  • Color coding - click on the preferences tab to change a line's color.
  • Saved values - closed graphs will remember previous values, and lines can be shared between graphs.

Planned improvements include:

  • RegEx support - (optionally) replace Pre-text and Post-text fields with a regular expression, for the more technical.
  • Specific values - show actual value(s) for a given point on the graph.
  • Graph sharing - see what other people are graphing.
  • Your suggestions.

What's new in Graphite Widget

Version 0.5 added support for decimal numbers.

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