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04 November 2005

Silicon layout and simulation.


MacFDTD is (for all I know) the only silicon layout and simulation program available for the Mac OS X platform. At the moment, it is incomplete and in somewhere in the alpha-beta stage of development, but I would like to get some feedback, so its been posted as it is. Disclaimer: This is unfinished and unsupported software, and is only to be run at your own risk.


  • GDSII export support works, and can now export circles and ellipses
  • There is now initial GDSII importing! Path support is still in the works, but boundaries support should be sufficient.
  • The simulation engine is now connected, but does not properly handle some sources and materials (with mu's and sigma's)
  • But, it can now much more accurately simulate varying refractive indexes, and profiles no longer have jagged edges
  • Simulations can be interruted before completion, and any simulation can be saved or continued later.
  • The equations and variables system DOES work, and variables may be used in x, y, width, height, index, permeability, and wavelength boxes
  • Equations now have support for the basic trig functions: sin(x), cos(x), and tan(x).
  • There is now a snap-to-grid feature, and the option to revert to a cursor after drawing an object. For layout, the grid spacing can now be adjusted
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste also work, as well as Undos for simulation and shape configuration changes.
  • Shape layout is now scriptable! Layers, loops, nested loops, any shape, the whole deal can now be created or modified en-masse (good for photonic crystals).
  • There is a new plugin system for analyzing the results of numerical sensors, and included is a basic E-field plotter plugin and text-file data exporter.

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