dSniff Control

0.3.2 19 Nov 2005

Test your networks for common sniffing/spoofing techniques.


Developer website: mrwSoftware

dSniff Control is a front end for the open source command line utility suite. dSniff allows network administrators to test their networks for the most common sniffing and spoofing techniques. dSniff Control includes a basic graphical interface for using dsniff, mailsnarf, msgsnarf, urlsnarf, arpspoof, and tcpdump.

This software is intended for legal use only. I do not condone or take any responsibility for the use of this software outside of a network which you are not authorized to access and monitor.


  • Capture e-mail, ftp, telnet and other plain text passwords transmitted across many protocols
  • Capture instant messages
  • Capture websites visited by users on your network
  • Spoof any address on a Network - Useful for redirecting Internet and other traffic through your computer
  • Activate IP Forwarding which will allow redirected traffic to pass through your computer to its intended target
  • Spoof DNS responses to redirect websites to a location of your choosing - Useful for disabling sites on your network
  • TCPDump front end allows you to monitor network traffic
  • Allows you to save the output directly from any of the supported dsniff applications to a text file for later review.
  • Autoclear allows you to clear output automatically after the specified number of characters to save memory.
  • Ride Along feature allows you to monitor the websites visited on your network in the built in Web browser in real time.
  • tcpdump front end allows you to easily capture packets without entering a terminal.
  • Easily select any installed network interface.
  • Multiple windows allow for multiple sessions of the same function on different network interfaces.

What's New

Version 0.3.2:
  • Now works on Intel with thanks to the Fink project. Intel version is available from the second download link or directly from my site
  • Ride Along now asks if you want to save when closing
  • Rearranged url history output from the save option in Ride Along to make more sense.
  • Updated Password Entry dialog to use the standard window.
  • Now pause only pauses the Web viewer but still captures traffic in the Ride Along window. So you can monitor traffic and only view the interesting pages.
  • Added Refresh Window to Window menu (Command-R) to reset the Ride Along window when a javascript causes the window to go funky.
  • Added Save to the File menu in the standard output window as well as the Ride Along window.
  • Switched around save output from Ride Along so date appears first.
  • Date now shows up in search results in Ride Along.
  • Search feature in Ride Along is now about 100 times faster.
  • Fixed bug where date would not be parsed correctly in certain situations from Ride Along.
  • Fixed a bug where date would not be saved to history output in certain situations.
  • Search results in Ride Along window no longer shift results list up one pixel.
  • Password Entry now accepts more non-alphanumeric characters. (Credit - Dominik T.)
  • Program no longer crashes when canceling out of a Save dialog.
  • Minimize menu selection now works in Ride Along window.
  • Fixed issue where date would not be parsed in certain instances in the Ride Along window.


Mac OS X 10.2 or later


Current Version (0.x)


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19 Nov 2005
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