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17 November 2008

Custom marker file generator for xplanet and OSXplanet.


RSS-Planet is a newsmapper, i.e. a custom marker file generator for xplanet and OSXplanet which uses RSS feeds from news websites to plot the current headlines on a world map.

By default, BBC News, Yahoo! News, and the Washington Post are supported, but other feeds that point to articles with place names might work as well.

Note: The Python Imaging Library needs to be installed for favicon display to work. Circles are used by default if PIL is not found. To use the GUI, wxPython must be installed.

RSS-Planet implementation by Martin C. Doege after an idea by Nathan Eckenrode. Various tips/hints are available at the developer's website.

What's new in RSS-Planet

Version 1.4: RSS-Planet now has a standalone mode where it only runs once when it is called, creates the marker file, and then exits. This is useful for easier integration with an existing xplanet setup.

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