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Better Grades1.1

05 November 2005

Software for managing student grades.


Better Grades is a software for managing student grades. It is a software version of a teacher's grade book. A teacher may create organizers (grade level, subject, and homeroom) to contain grade book views. A grade book view may contain groups of students, evaluations (tests, quizzes, homework...) along with an entry box for a grade for each student in each evaluation. A teacher may create groups of students in the Class Builder where students may be dragged and dropped onto a grade book. A teacher may print a student's summary for a marking period by selecting a student in a grade book view and selecting Print Student. A teacher may print an complete grade book view. The trial download of the Better Grades is SAVE DISABLED. This means you cannot save your work, yet you can open the sample file. You will need a registration key to save your work which cost $12.00 US Dollars. Thinking Cap uses Kagi as a vendor.

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