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    Royal Games International
Live Poker - Full Screen, Fully 3D, Full On Excitement! We are raising the bar on the online poker game. Not only the world's first fully immersive 3D poker room environment, but the first PC and Mac-capable 3D poker download. This is NOT your daddy's poker game...
What's New
Release Notes 3.7.0: 3D object rendering improved to allow for offets, as well as updating of the sound libraries.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, OpenGL support.

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ver. 3.x:
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Ginofalaci commented on 10 Feb 2009
The app is nice, but the site is the worst you can imagine!
You ll be banned if you say something in front of an admin, you ll be baned if you win too much, youlle be banned if you win and fo away, you ll be banned if you do any criric to site admins!!!
Site admins are the worst cheaters you can imagine, banning you , and kick you out any time, like if you have a better hand...
A lot of poeple cheating, and a lot of mf doing what they want.
I sayt this after two months being on the site, and being banned 3 time for nothing.
ban this site for ever please! only the worst peple you can imagine are there, and over all the law that exist;
[Version 3.7]


lanouvellechair commented on 22 Nov 2006
This is a universal binary, i love this game but i can't have an activation code. It doesn't work.
[Version 3.6]


shakeit tipped on 22 Nov 2006
This game looks really interesting,
because its a game EVERYONE LOVES.
but its sad how you have to be over 21
to play the game because young people
want to play it as well and this game
wouldnt let you if youre underated
and not let you change your birthdate
to get in again. it locks it up automatically.
[Version 3.6]

kbot commented on 14 Jan 2006
To uninstall open "uninstall.jar" (Live 3D Poker_uninstuninstall.jar)
[Version 1.19.1]



Spaceman14 reviewed on 11 Jan 2006
I'm quite fond of this program. The graphics, sound and audio are great and now their releasing their Tournaments which are frickin awesome!

I only wish they had real money, but I understand that is coming soon.
[Version 1.19.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 12 Nov 2005
I suppose you do not post responces to problems. Perhaps this will intice u with a negative rating.

I need to know how to Uninstall this program. I see it says and uninstaller was added but i can not seem to find it, The program stopped working and when i reinstall it ˆt just bounces in the dock. I would like to unimstall it then reinstall it.
[Version 1.17.1]

2 Replies

lopix (developer) replied on 16 Dec 2005
Sorry, we are used to getting support requests through the forum ( or the support email (, not checking here for user help requests.

The answer to your question can be found at where we have listed the steps required to uninstall the old version and install the latest software.

Posting a negative review does not make us respond faster, a simple email would have sufficed.

mechamania replied on 15 Nov 2006
Somehow, the negative rating seems to have done the trick in getting the developer to respond...

Anonymous reviewed on 10 Nov 2005
How do i Uninstall it an reinstall it?
[Version 1.17.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Oct 2005
Excellent rendition of hold'em. A blast to play. Still somewhat buggy as the server doesn't seem too stable. I hate getting kicked off or the client quitting unexpectantly. This version does seem more stable and the author is very receptive of input. The web site has good support. The graphics are great. I too look forward to this offering coming out of beta.
[Version 1.17]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 Oct 2005
Its a very cool interpretation of poker. Graphics are nice without beeing too cartoony or silly. Works great on Mac! Lots of little features. I love the camera moves character actions. I Can't wait till they got out of beta.
[Version 1.16]


Anonymous reviewed on 12 Oct 2005
this seems like a good game, but download gets stuck from their server at 19.2mgs. The dl rate goes way down after that and it doesn't show any progression...will need to check on thi.s
[Version 1.16]

1 Reply


MacUpdate-Lon replied on 12 Oct 2005
Downloads just fine here, download speed upwards of 120 KB/sec from beginning to end.

Ginofalaci had trouble on 07 Mar 2009
I agree with Ginofalaci, youll be banned for winning for saying anithing an admin playin dont like, fir a yes or a no as you can see here:

DowJones: no no
DowJones: wd
CaptSeaWeed: thank you
DowJones: riv
DowJones: no 9
LadyLuck: wd
iPokemon: I had all 9
iPokemon: i had 9999
LadyLuck: lol
DowJones: good for you
iPokemon: but im donk as you know
DowJones: ya
CreazyPoker: boring
CreazyPoker: lol
iPokemon: go to cinema crazy
CreazyPoker: bla bla bla
iPokemon: less boring than losing all hands in here
CreazyPoker: bla
LadyLuck: are you both dating
CreazyPoker: lol
DowJones: no, its triple
iPokemon: could be but he doesnt have enough monney
LadyLuck: lol
CreazyPoker: bla bla
DowJones: lol
LadyLuck: love his bla bla
iPokemon: but the guy as sweet conversation
CreazyPoker: bla bla bla bla
iPokemon: bla bla
iPokemon: blas
LadyLuck: is he the man
iPokemon: thats sweet
iPokemon: love it
LadyLuck: yes i guess
iPokemon: are you the mokingbird from turkey?
vanpersie: hi
DowJones: yo
LadyLuck: you know i the lovebird
CaptSeaWeed: hi
LadyLuck: love the mask
iPokemon: why crazy cant play without cheating??
CreazyPoker: u have 1 min to relax
CreazyPoker: or u be banned
DowJones: lol
iPokemon: ok
CreazyPoker: really
CreazyPoker: last warning
iPokemon: good night sir

[Version 3.7]


visual07 had trouble on 18 Jan 2006
Servers Refusing New Version - Version: 2.0, 1/18/2006 03:02PM PST
[Version 2.0]

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Date:12 Dec 2006
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Live Poker - Full Screen, Fully 3D, Full On Excitement! We are raising the bar on the online poker game. Not only the world's first fully immersive 3D poker room environment, but the first PC and Mac-capable 3D poker download. This is NOT your daddy's poker game...

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