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TuneTech for iPod1.5

30 January 2007

Recover lost and damaged music and more.


TuneTech for iPod (formerly Pod Genius) is the only comprehensive software utility geared specifically toward iPod users. Recover lost or damaged music, repair corrupted data structures, backup your iPod to an exact copy, permanently delete unwanted files, or optimize the file layout of your music. You've invested a lot into your iPod and music, with TuneTech for iPod, you can be sure your iPod will faithfully perform and your investment is well-protected. Eight must-have utilities in one package...

  • Backup: Make an exact clone of your iPod for safe keeping. This is the fastest way to backup all the music, pictures and files that are stored on your iPod. Use your backup as protection against data loss.
  • Optimize: Increase battery life and minimize wear-and-tear. Your songs get optimized by physically putting them in order on the drive in the order that you want to hear them, minimizing hard drive access and reducing the work your iPod has to do.
  • Repair: This is the solution if songs or playlists have become inaccessible due to software errors. If songs are missing or play erratically, repair immediately before running the risk of permanent data loss.
  • Undelete: Accidentally deleted music? Undelete quickly recovers them in perfect condition.
  • Shred: Permanently delete your songs and files from your iPod. Do your part to protect against music piracy... if you sell or donate your iPod, shred your music to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Duplicate: Make an exact copy of your iPod on another iPod - perfect when migrating all your data in one shot from your old iPod to a newer model.
  • Scan: Analyze your iPod's hard drive for media defects that can endanger the data on your iPod.
  • Info: Display detailed information about your iPod's hard drive to enable sophisticated troubleshooting.

Think of it as health care insurance for your iPod.

What's new in TuneTech for iPod

Version 1.5:
  • Universal Binary application. Optimized for Intel Macs.
  • Streamlined user-interface on various features.
  • Auto-renamer feature allowing ease of identifying and reorganizing the salvaged tunes.
  • Duplicate feature allows cloning to more than a single destination.
  • Shredding feature allows selectable number of passes.
Shorter serial numbers (requires online swap from old serial)

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2 Reviews of TuneTech for iPod

24 September 2005
Version: 1.0.1

Most helpful

sixty.bucks. whoa. that's, like, the retail price for iPod applecare.
25 May 2006
Version: 1.15
The only major repair function is Directory Repair (aside from permissions repair). It seems to me that what this program needs is file and iPod Software repair routines. Directory repair _might_ fix a problematic iPod. But, in my experience it is corrupted files and corrupted iPod software that result in the need to erase and restore the iPod ...to really fix iPod problems. What I want is a TuneTech that can repair an iPod so I don't have to erase and restore every few months.
24 September 2005
Version: 1.0.1
sixty.bucks. whoa. that's, like, the retail price for iPod applecare.