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FlatFusion CMS

12 April 2006

Content management system.


FlatFusion is a Content Management system (CMS) that makes it possble to edit and maintain the content and the design of websites separated from each other.
The links and the menu structure are stored in a central file. For the appearance of the single menus and the single pages arbitrary menu templates and/or page templates can be used.

Supported languages in FlatFusion are English and German at the moment...

What's new in FlatFusion CMS

Version 1.0.1:
  • Bugfix: The menu was not inserted when the link from the main menu did not refer to a site which was also occuring in the according sub menu. This should be fixed now.
  • Bugfix: The detection of the active link did not always function correctly. To ensure this, the numbering of the menu items in the site structure file was changed a little bit, for more details read the users guide.Important: Old site structure files has to be changed to the new numbering in order to work with V1.0.1.
  • Bugfix: The end mark "*" now also works if space are behind this character.
  • Bugfix: More errors in the site structure are now detected and handled. More clear error messages are shown during the generation process.
  • New function: Links to other websites can now be included in the menu (see users guide).
  • New function: Instead ot the CODEINC tags there are now the tags CODEINC1 to CODEINC5. Different text for each tag can now be included (see users guide).
  • New function: Alternative text for the site title. Instead of the TITLE tag the new CODEINC tags can also be used in the site template (see users guide).

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