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1.0 RC1.1
11 September 2005

Tech support aid.


In the simplest terms, is an application that assists users (those needing tech support) who need support from techs (those who want to help you) as easy as possible. This is accomplished through easily sharing system profiles, one step setup to using remote screen sharing software and last but not least, finding someone to help you out.

One Step OSXvnc Setup: Tired of hassling with port fowarding, firewalls when trying to get OSXvnc (VNC Server) setup on your system or someone elses you want to help? With with just one click it configures, starts and setups a SSH tunnel to servers for easy VNC access. Then you just give the person connecting the assign port and password and your done. It is really that easy.

Profile Sharing: takes advantage of Apple's System Profiler application to provide quick and convient ways of sharing various detailed levels of your system with others to help with troubleshooting and tech support purposes.

Getting Support: Finding someone to help you out is the most important step to finding a solution. Using's own free tech support service, you can easily submit questions and view ticket status using

The application is distributed with the latest version of OSXvnc. For more information visit our software information page.

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