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30 June 2006

Notepad widget with searching and iPod syncing.


NotePad is a Dashboard widget notepad with built-in search, print, resizing, iPod syncing, skins, locking, lists, sketching, and more!

2nd place winner of the 2005 MacGeneration awards for best Dashboard widget.

What's new in NotePad

Version 2.1:
  • Clicking without dragging while sketching now draws a point
  • New pages are now saved immediately, and page titles show up on creation in page selector
  • Command-key shortcuts implemented
    • Find
    • New Text Page
    • New Drawing page
    • New List page
    • Print
    • Save
    • Save As
    • Up font size/Up pen size
    • Down font size/Change pen color
Version 2.0:
  • Now a Universal Binary
  • iPod syncing
  • Font selections
  • New type of page: Lists
  • New type of page: Sketches
  • Ability to lock NotePad
  • Skins support, with updated classic theme and two new ones by artist David Lanham (Fancy & Fairytale)
  • Many bug fixes and optimizations

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8 Reviews of NotePad

30 August 2005
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

Very complex widgets out there free of charge. $5 for a simple note pad?
Carbontech Software Admin
05 February 2010
Version: 2.1
I recently downloaded the 2.1 version of NotePad for my Mac computer. Upon installation, the background of the notepad seemed to disappear, leaving only text and the interface buttons. I am running a 10.5.8 (latest version of Leopard). Overall, I appreciate and recognize the effort of the developer(s), but don't believe that this widget is worth $10 or $5 even without the background glitch. As many have already said, there are other notepad widgets that are both free and reliable out on the web. Personally, I would recommend Secret Notepad and DashNotes as good free notepad widgets. Once this bug/glitch is resolved, I would be happy to change my ratings for my review on this site.
25 May 2007
Version: 2.1
Does anyone know where I can get a serial? I made the mistake of putting a lot of important notes in there before noticing I couldn't register the product. Eeek! (Obviously I am willing to buy the product.)
16 April 2007
Version: 2.1
Widget Machine website doesn't work anymore. I've tried to purchase it couple of times but the site is always unavailable. Where does it move to? Or WidgetMachine is already out of business?
04 July 2006
Version: 2.1
If the Apple Stickies widget didn't provide enough quick note-taking functionality for you, I highly recommend trying this widget out. The ability to create multiple, searchable pages is very useful, and something completely unexpected from a widget, seeing as though the majority of them are very simplistic. The only other thing I can think of that would be great would be an undo command for times when I clumsily delete important information. For the price, NotePad does enough though. With its nice font size and well-positioned buttons, NotePad allows me to cram a ton of information into a tiny space, quickly and easily.
17 June 2006
Version: 2.0
Probably the most full-featured and powerful widget I've seen.
12 March 2006
Version: 1.5
A great little widget. Why won't I purchase? Let me count the ways: 1) You have to log in to their website in order to purchase. 2) Website does not support my browser of choice, OmniWeb. 3) No clear directions on how to create a log in. 4) Did I mention this: you have to log in to the website in order to purchase! (You can tell that this one really has me riled up!) Sorry guys, this is ridiculous!
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19 December 2005
Version: 1.0.5
Great little app. This uses the dashboard well and makes it functional as well as frivolous. Many free widgets are available, from major govt or commercial agencies, I guess as loss leaders. Many free widgets are fluff and flash. 5 bucks for well designed improvement on the sad old sticky ? This is just great for phone messages etc Give the developers a break. Support their enterprise cheapskate. Most of their widgets are free and nice too.
30 August 2005
Version: 1.0
Very complex widgets out there free of charge. $5 for a simple note pad?
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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
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