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GUI for the Creative Nomad line and newer MTP music players.   Free
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XNJB is a Cocoa graphical user interface for Mac OS X for the Creative Nomad range of portable MP3 players. It uses the excellent library libnjb for low-level jukebox communication.
What's New
Version 1.5.10:
  • Update to latest libmtp
  • Remove PPC build
  • WMA fix from minoki
  • Italian fixes from NorthDakota91
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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Volcanus reviewed on 19 Nov 2013
Very slow with my Nokia cellphone. But at least works. Should get an update. Also try Android File Transfer for OS X. No syncing but very fast.
[Version 1.5.10]



mitch_de reviewed on 01 Jan 2009
Works great with my SANSA E280 in the MTP mode !
Also no more problems to get ARTWORK for the mp3 working like doing the mp3 copy in the MSC mode (as USB massstorage device).
[Version 1.5.3]


Quirop-pa commented on 29 Sep 2008
Una utilidad eficiente y necesaria. Reconoce también el Mp3 Player Samsung YP-U3. Excellent! Thanks!
[Version 1.5.1]


vandal commented on 13 May 2008
This little gem is a godsend for Mac users who realize there are other great MP3 players out there. Works perfectly with my Samsung K3. Developer is very accessible, answers questions posted on the forum in a very timely manner.
[Version 1.5]


ClauClau commented on 31 Dec 2007
AAC.. yay!
[Version 1.5]


Jan the Man commented on 28 Dec 2007
I am soooooo glad to have a Mac app that allows me to sync my new 4GB Creative Zen V to my Intel iMac. That it integrates with iTunes Library is even better !!!

Many Thanks, keep up the great work.
[Version 1.4.14]


malkymalky reviewed on 28 Jan 2007
This is an excellent work. It works really well usually however with 1.4.5 it freezes a bit when loading up my zen. I have the rare plain zen. no plus or micro or photo. It is a zen 20gb which was available fro about a minute in singapore, us and online! If XNJB freezes you haveto reset your zen, not a big problem just a bit annoying. 1.4.4 was fine however! I have reinstalled my iBook and still the same issues. Hopefully 1.4.6 won't have this problem. I have used this from 1.3.5 and this is the first time this has happened. When sync is implemented and fixes have been added then this will be the best on mac and pc! mediasource and windows media player for zens are big and slow. Zen media explorer, the windows explorer add in is just that an add-in, it confilcts with some removable media. The only thing they have over xnjb is the tag editing.
[Version 1.4.5]

.Jock commented on 14 Dec 2006
I was given a Creative Zen V Plus as a gift.

The only PC I have is a beatun up old laptop which is (just) capable of connecting to the internet, however after much searching I came across XNJB 1.4.1.

I installed it on my iMac (running OS X Tiger 10.4.7) plugged in the Zen and suddenly I could see it!

I had a bit of fiddling to make it do what I thought it could do (because I didn't RTFM!), but it's excellent!

A great bit of software - drag an album from iTunes folder to the Zen - drop it in and that's it - simple as that. Drag the tunes to a playlist and jobs done.

I'll be sending out some beer tokens for this shortly!
[Version 1.4.1]

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rolet replied on 11 Sep 2007

I'M at the end of my teather - whilst i can appreciate that xnjb is v. v good and thanx to the developer, and for he first time i can 'see' my zen micro on my mac i cant for the life of me transfer my itunes library to the zen - i have tried everything i've seen on the web, and while im no computer maestro im not that stupid. please please help as i really dont want to buy an ipod.

katabios commented on 25 Aug 2006
WOW! thx a lot.....
[Version 1.2.1]



WhoCares742 reviewed on 30 Jan 2006
Excellent piece of software. Allows me to use my new Zen MicroPhoto 8Gb with OS X (10.4.4). It is better than the crappy PC only software that came with the Zen. Some things aren't working fully yet (RTFM) but works fine as is. It is free but I sent him $25 to encourage further development.
[Version 1.1.3]

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St00pid-M0nk3y replied on 10 Jul 2006
This sucks. I just layed down 200 bucks on a Zen MicroPhoto 8GB. When I plug it in, my computer doesn't recognize the device. I am on an iMac G4 running OS X Tiger 10.4.7 with a USB 1.1 port. Does anyone know if I can fix this? I click connect with this XNJB software and it doesn't recognize the device. I'm going to cry now.

ClauClau had trouble on 23 Jul 2007
Great job, I wish it could have a more itunes 7 interface, or if it could be integrated in itunes as plugin. Pop up plugin at least.

Application update is a widget which checks my apps folder and see what's updated and what's need to be updated.

It's been 4 versions of XNJB that Application Update reports it version as version 1.4.4.
[Version 1.4.8]

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Version Downloads:7,248
Type:Multimedia Design : MP3
Date:02 Oct 2011
Platform:PPC 64 / PPC 32 / Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
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XNJB is a Cocoa graphical user interface for Mac OS X for the Creative Nomad range of portable MP3 players. It uses the excellent library libnjb for low-level jukebox communication.

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