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DiskDriver mini4.0

10 August 2005

Web-based MP3 player.


DiskDriver mini is a simple but powerful web-based MP3 player.

This is how simple it is to use:

  • Upload the diskdriver_mini.swf, diskdriver_mini.html (example page), and the "diskdriver" folder to your website.
  • Upload your songs labeled "track1.mp3", "track2.mp3", "track3.mp3", etc... to your "diskdriver/album1" folder.

You're done, it really is that simple, try it now!


  • Stream high quality sound files.
  • Automatic buffering sensing.
  • Live audio scrubbing.
  • Randomly select soundtracks.
  • Multiple master directories.*
  • Display ID3 tags or file names.*
  • Different soundtrack on each page.*
  • Any name for your files and folders.*
It is free to use on your personal website. Registered users can specify a different start song per page and run unlimited jukeboxes from one application.

What's new in DiskDriver mini

Version 4.0:
  • Live stream and song duration status.
  • Improved "shuffle" algorithm.
  • Manually jump to any soundtrack or album.
  • Simplified UI.
  • Unlimted songs and albums.
  • Remote registration key.

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