Hacker X-8.9

1.0 25 Aug 2005

Hacker game.


Developer website: CompuDav

Welcome to Hacker X-8.9, the largest and most prestigious underground hacking organization in the world. Starting back in 1987 with the days of the old computers and SEHOS (Special Elite Hacker's Operating System), a man known only as Agent X-8.9 quickly mastered the art of hacking at the age of 11. Since then, he has been a part of countless hacking jobs that have spanned the years and have influenced the future in more ways than one could think.

In 2003, Agent X-8.9 founded a secret organization called Hacker X-8.9. It grew quickly from a one man operation to a five man team comprised of the best hackers in the entire world. Today, its clients include the CIA, FBI, NSA and the SCSU (Southern Control Security Unit - a division of the Central Intelligence Agency that is currently not known to the public).

Enter a world where there are no physical boundaries - a world where the only thing that will determine whether or not you'll survive is your ability to crack passwords, launch DOS attacks and copy the most 1's and 0's to your computer before your caught. Designed exclusively for Mac OS X, this game enables you to become the all time greatest and L33TEST hacker.

To get started, just download this software!

*Remember that this is only a game. No real connections are made.*


Minimum 1024x768 resolution; Mac OS X Tiger PPC/x86; Visit our Web site for a version compatible with Panther and above.


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25 Aug 2005
OS X / PPC 32 / Intel 32