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14 January 2020

Expand keystrokes into frequently-used text and pictures.


TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures. Type more with less effort!

Here are a few examples for what you can do with TextExpander:

  • Insert standard greetings, phrases, boilerplate paragraphs, and signatures - including formatted text and pictures.
  • Correct typos automatically
  • Organize snippets into groups
  • Add predefined snippet groups, including HTML, CSS, Autocorrect, Accented Words, and Symbols groups.
  • Shorten long URLs automatically with the Internet Productivity snippet group
  • Insert the current date and time in any format you prefer.
  • Sync snippets via MobileMe

TextExpander is controlled from its own preference pane inside your System Preferences. Designed for easy handling, TextExpander blends in perfectly with your operating system.

Note: The published price is the monthly cost of a one-year subscription, billed annually. Full pricing information can be found here.

What's new in TextExpander

Version 6.5.3:
  • Adds launch avoidance logic, scanning application exception
  • Allows position cursor macro to be emitted from scripts [TEC-345]
  • Allows scripts to return %key macros [TEC-274]
  • Avoids expanding or operating in Red Sweater's Black Ink crossword puzzle application
  • Drops formatted list items entirely when surrounded with optional section macros
  • Fixes logic error that could lead to a proliferation of keep/abandon delimiter macros at the end of snippets [TEC-152]
  • Includes trailing % for %key: macros in scripts [TEC-590]
  • Maintains cursor positioning keystroke count when there are multiple delimiter overrides [TEC-326]
  • Makes default fill-in name a placeholder rather than using it as text [TEC-522]
  • Retains line breaks after optional fillins that are not included when they are on the same line as non-optional content [TEC-406]
  • Suppresses "linebreaks" in formatted text such as list items [TEC-406]

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27 May 2015

Most helpful

I just purchased TextExpander 4.0 six months ago but Smile (the developer) says I'm not eligible to upgrade unless I pay an additional $19.95! Wow- $45 for an app and $20 more to upgrade after only six months? Fortunately, Typinator was included a bundle I purchased a month before TextExpander, and sure enough, no charge to upgrade to the new Typinator 6.5. Result: TextExpander is now removed from my dock and replaced with Typinator.
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Version 5.0
26 July 2018
You can find version 5.1.5 at https://cdn.textexpander.com/mac/TextExpander_5.1.5.zip https://smilesoftware.com/textexpander/support?_ga=2.106887685.741852422.1532572220-579130076.1507348544#SystemRequirements ( via https://textexpander.com/entry/where-can-i-download-a-previous-version-of-textexpander-for-mac/ first) Aside: quoting the comment below "Having read a lot of negative user feedback on Twitter about the subscription model, I am convinced, this step towards recurring payment makes perfect sense, because there is one big advantage for customers: constant improvement of the software. " Two years of TextExpander-as-service disproves this theory. I can't think of a single meaningful feature that they have added in the two years since switching to a subscription service. Scroll back through the comments here and you'll see that people had been complaining about weak upgrades back to TextExpander 4's release. Moving to a subscription does _not_ guarantee that the development process will improve. It's a nice theory, and I've seen places that did it well (1Password seems like a good example). But switching back to TextExpander 5 after 2 years with TE6 meant losing almost no features. I can still use the old iOS app and iCloud syncing, which seems to work fine.
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Version 5.1.4
05 March 2018
Way overpriced when compared with the $20 TypeIt4Me app AND I am sick and tired of getting this message: "DO NOT CLICK "Install Update" There is a bug (SINCE YOU'RE AWARE OF THE BUG-STOMP IT OUT!) in the TextExpander updater in version 4.0.4. You must download TextExpander 4.1.1 from our website. Our humble apologies. - Smile TextExpander 4 is a paid upgrade and requires OS X 10.7 Lion…" Especially since I paid lots of money for the software! Oh, and did I mention your reference to "10.7 Lion" that has been superseded many years ago? Smile-my butt… You make us frowny-face victims. Please get this crapware fixed! Sincerely…
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Version 5.1.4
19 October 2017
Used to like it. Trouble with pricing plan that got out of hand. It would be nice to find a way that brings it inline with most other software.
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Version 5.1.4
17 October 2016
I am starting too think that Smile is abandoning those of us that revolted and wanted to stay with version 5. So, Smile, am I wrong????????
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Version 6.0.9
23 August 2016
What's wrong with options Smile? You should have two tracks, the subscription model (which really is just suitable for moneymaking software like media editing or development packages) and yearly upgrades with a fee smaller than the purchase price.

Now, the only option is to turn to the competition.
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Version 6.0.7
1 answer(s)
11 January 2017
"Now, the only option is to turn to the competition."

Which I've already done. Textexpander had one feature that wasn't in Typinator, but is now. Typinator is SO MUCH FASTER at expansions too. Not looking back.
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03 July 2016
The current (July 2 2016) version of TextExpander here and on MacUpdate desktop is 6.05. The actual current version is 6.07. Please fix your process to follow this package closer.
Version 6.0.5
17 June 2016
This is a great app! I have saved countless keystrokes using this app and I haven't even used it to its fullest!
Version 6.0.5
25 May 2016
The two stars isn't directed at the software but instead the new pricing plan! I'm sticking with version 5 until it now longer works.
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Version 6.0.5
25 May 2016
Subscription model is not for me ever
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Version 6.0.5
22 May 2016
I'm done. Crappy product. Rediculous pricing. Moving on.
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Version 5.1.4
1 answer(s)
25 May 2016