Midgard CMS

1.8.2 30 Jan 2007

Open-source content management system.


Developer website: The Midgard Project

Midgard CMS is an open-source Content Management System built on top of the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) platform. It provides a reliable, powerful and internationalized set of tools for building Web sites and networked applications.

Midgard utilizes PHP as the Web scripting language and provides integration interfaces on Java and C layers. Midgard's unique architecture enables it to provide services like single sign-on and replication. With these capabilities and the integrated full-text search system, Midgard is an excellent match for information-rich Web sites and intranets.

Midgard is available for Mac OS X (Tiger) as an installer package that contains both Fink and Midgard CMS.

What's New

Version 1.8.2:

Main changes from 8.09.8:

  • Rewritten Multilang queries (#1776)
  • Fixed crashes (#1547, #1684)
  • Fixed major MidCOM admin and style issues (#1779, #1788)
  • Midgard internal features are now optional for better performance tunning (#1851)
  • Many bugfixes and feature enhancements
Main changes from 8.09.7:
  • Usability of the on-site Midgard toolbar has been enhanced (#877, #1624)
  • Performance when using the MidCOM content cache has been improved (#1599, #1531, #1048, #1577 and #1584)
  • bundled jQuery javascript library has been upgraded to version 1.4.2 (#1596) and jQuery UI to 1.7.2 (#696)
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility on both php5-midgard (#1433) and MidCOM levels
  • Asgard now shows contextual helpers when creating Midgard templates (#1595)
  • Midgard is able to act as both OpenID provider (#1664) and consumer (#1709)
  • Fixed SQL errors in complex Query Builder queries (#1625)
  • Fixed midgard_connection environment settings in Apache environment (#1689)
  • midcom.helper.datamanager was deprecated in favor of datamanager2 (#930) and will be removed in 8.09.9 (#1715)
  • Updated OpenPSA packages (#1655)
Main changes from 8.09.6:
  • Fixed crashes in content replication
  • Fixed deleting Multilang objects (#1522)
  • Fixed installer crashes (#1421)
  • Admin and user UI fixes (#1141, #1415, #1447)
  • Improved page symlinks feature (#1548)
  • This release requires database update to be done by datagard.
Main changes from 8.09.5:
  • Fixed multilang content replication (#1392)
  • Improved performance of some multilang SQL queries
  • New datagard options to install Midgard or PEAR packages (#1204, #1352)
  • New datagard option to install full OpenPSA application instead of a Midgard CMS site (#1204)
  • Midgard now ships with SElinux setup files
  • Fixed SG0 authentication issue (#1390)
  • Several optimizations when querying multilingual objects
  • There is a new optional object cache (#1256)
  • There is a new view for displaying a deleted object in Asgard
Main changes from 8.09.4:
  • Authentication routines fixes (#485, #765)
  • Fixed major memory corruption in php5-midgard (#1054, #1058)
  • Midgard installer improvements.
Main changes from 8.09.3:
  • Midgard installer doesn't depend on pearified.com channel (#747)
  • Memory corruption in midgard-php extension has been fixed (#804)
  • Query Builder and Collector constructors has been improved (#556)
  • Several crashes has been fixed (#712, #734, #801, #870)
  • Internal PHP classes can be introspected by PHP Reflection (#479)
  • midgard_cron has been improved (#813, #816)
  • URL name handling and generation has been rewritten (#809)
  • TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor has been upgraded to version 3.2.2
  • Issues with handling multilingual content have been fixed (#870, #825, #935, #865, #910)
  • Code editor in Asgard has been changed from CodePress to EditArea
  • Configuration editor in Asgard now always creates valid configuration snippets (#771)
  • MidCOM now uses only the modern Midgard2 API (#611)
  • PAM authentication has been fixed (#750)
  • Midgard now ships with SELinux policy files (#538)
Main changes from 8.09.2:
  • MidCOM DBA has been rewritten to follow decorator pattern instead of inheritance (#456 and #599)
  • There is a new online help and documentation viewer
  • Safari user experience has been greatly improved (#583, #585)
  • Basic authentication on Midgard level has been fixed (#485)
  • MidCOM cron is now automatically set up for new virtual hosts (#378)
  • All legacy metadata fields have been removed in favor of midgard_metadata object (#387, #464, #476 and #477)
  • Replication has been changed to work using the new API and decorators (#627, #607, #534, #501, 513, #564
  • File attachments now have MultiLang emulation (#420)
  • In-page Ajax editing can now be disabled and enabled globally (#526)
  • Midgard's tree management has been improved in many ways (#447, #482, #483, #600, #602, #625)
  • HTTP errors can be mapped to notifications or special logging (#305)
  • The Midgard PHP extension is now approximately 50% faster
Changes from Midgard 8.09.0
  • MySQL errors when upgrading old databases have been fixed (#355)
  • SQL queries generated by MidCOM's DBA layer have been optimized (#412)
  • Midgard now sets up a standalone Asgard administrative interface for
  • all new site setups (#36 and #329)
  • MidCOM has a new handler for catching PHP Exceptions (#352)
  • MidCOM DBA is bypassed for configuration and element loading (#414 and #415)
  • Midgard Collector is now able to query metadata properties (#417)
  • MultiLang support has been improved with index articles and
  • attachments (#288 and #420)
  • Debian and Ubuntu packages now automatically install memcached and
  • SOLR (#380 and #381)
  • Datagard upgrade from 1.8 now installs same MidCOM packages to
  • Ragnaroek (#363)
  • Swedish translations are now included
Changes from Midgard 1.8 and MidCOM 2.8:
  • Midgard and MidCOM now follow an unified release schedule and roadmap
  • There is a new command-line database and website setup utility
  • There is a new Site Wizard Web interface for website creation
  • PHP4 support has been removed in favor of PHP5
  • GObject attributes of Midgard objects are directly mapped to PHP objects for performance reasons
  • Repligard package has been removed and replaced by new built in replication API
  • The MidCOM framework uses autoloading to reduce memory usage and processing time
  • Prototype Javascript framework has been removed in favor of jQuery
  • New Midgard logo and graphical guidelines have been deployed across the system
  • Packages are built for several Linux distributions using the openSuse Build Service
  • Classic Midgard API has been deprecated in favor of MgdSchema and Query Builder, but is available via --with-legacy-api configuration switch in midgard-php5
  • midgard-config command-line tool replaced with Midgard configuration supported by pkg-config


Mac OS X 10.4 or later


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