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20 August 2005

Get context sensitive information off the web.


The ACP Web Services are the simplest, fastest, and most viable way to get context sensitive information off the web. Starting with a mere 45 services, the AWS have today grown in number to well over one thousand, with the number increasing all the time.

The ACP Web Services run off the 'Services' subitem of your 'application' menu on your menu bar. They're an integral part of Cocoa (and NeXTSTEP before it) but they've never before been used in this way.

They take almost no disk or RAM footprint, they're easy to install, they just work, they're insanely great, and they make accessing resources on the Web a lot faster and more intuitive than you've ever known before.

There are three components in the ACP Web Services system: AWS.service, AWSManager, and AWSBrowser. Details on all three including download URLs are on the product homepage.

To be of any use, AWS.service must have resources to run. It comes with a default setup of 32 services, but you'll most likely will want to change that and add to your collection with services of your own.

The easiest way to browse through the complete AWS collection is with AWSBrowser. A single catalogue can contain hundreds of services.

To get it all at once - all three above components of the ACP Web Services and the resource catalogues - use the URL found here. The download is ~100 KB.

Visit the AWS Resource Page regularly to check for updates and make submissions of your own.

What's new in AWS Resources

AWS Resources supersedes earlier versions of the ACP Web Services, the ACP Service Manager, and the ACP Service Browser.

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