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27 March 2006

Cocoa programming environment, integrates CLIPS/Core Data/ F-Script.


ObjectiveCLIPS allows the creation of intelligent Cocoa applications with persistent object models and complex business rules. Out of the box, Apple gives you the ability to write Cocoa applications with dumb passive data models using CoreData. However, there is no convenient way to express complex constraints and dependent values without writing custom business objects. Even if you write the custom objects, your code will likely be fragile for a variety of reasons. ObjectiveCLIPS allows you to write rules about your objects and execute actions when rules match.

What's new in ObjectiveCLIPS

Version 1.7 has been extensively optimized for production use when the developer tools are not in use. This makes shipped applications much faster by eliminating unnecessary processing and data synchronization. In addition, extensive trace logging can be enabled from a checkbox on the CLIPS console window and many of the debugging capabilities are now lazily initialized to avoid paying for features that are not being used (such as synchronization of KBActivations). Also, the FScript bridge has been rewritten to eliminated redundant parsing by caching FScript expressions as Blocks. I would like to thank the people at Marware for all their help and patience in this optimization effort.

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