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XPert Tools Pro

18 August 2005

Suite of XTensions for QuarkXPress.


These feature rich XTensions, created specifically for QuarkXPress, are designed for both the novice and advanced user. The seamless interface of these XTensions provide the look and feel of QuarkXPress. If you can use QuarkXPress then you already know how to use these XTensions. If you're using QuarkXPress XPert Tools Pro is the feature revolution you have been waiting for.

What's new in XPert Tools Pro

Version 2.1.3:
  • Added support for multiple users and non-administrative users.
  • Corrected some display inconsistency with Tool Tips (Mac OS X only). Fixed.
  • A crash would occur at startup if the systems default language was non-roman. Fixed

XPert Box Tools

  • Added "Fit Selection to Window" command to the Item Menu. When selected the current selection will be fit within the current document window.

XPert Guides

  • Guides being placed on boxes were not being placed accurately. Fixed.
  • At times when shuffle pages via the document layout palette a crash could occur. Fixed.

XPert ImageInfo

  • DCS files were not being reported. Fixed.
  • Mac OS X long file names are now supported.
  • ImageScale was not always reported correctly. Fixed.
  • Added a Relink feature to the ImageInfo palette menu.
  • Raster EPS images at times caused random crashing. Fixed.
  • At times images would be reported as missing even though they were not. Fixed.
  • At times colors embedded in eps files were not being correctly reported. Fixed.
  • At times images would not be closed correctly, making them appear busy to other applications. Fixed.

XPert ItemMarks

  • At times a random crash could occur. Fixed.

XPert Layers

  • Added ConvertLayers functionality to the palettes flyout menu.
  • At times the palette would become out of sync with the state of the document. Fixed.

XPert PageSets

  • Added the ability to acquire attributes from the current layout "Menu:Page:Create XPert PageSet..." (QuarkXPress 6 or later).
  • Improved functionality with QuarkXPress 6's Layout Space - you can now create "New Layouts" as well as "New Projects" (QuarkXPress 6 or later).

XPert Pilot

  • At times the QuarkXPress document would display incorrectly. Fixed
  • At times the palette marquee would not reflect the page position. Fixed
  • At times the palette would be rather sluggish in updating (Mac OS X only). Fixed
  • Corrected some excessive flashing when redrawing the palette after switching documents.

XPert Print

  • DCS files were not being created in color. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem which prevented Photoshop from rasterizing EPS files with embedded fonts.

XPert Scale

  • Fixed a random crash when scaling documents.
  • The previous scale is now retained in the scale palette.
  • Margins would not always scale correctly when scaling documents. Fixed.
  • The scale palette at times would be disabled for no apparent reason. Fixed.
  • Scaling documents at times would fail due to linked master page items. Fixed.
  • Added a scale button to XPert ToolsBars making repetitive scaling more streamlined.
  • Flexographic scale values are now retained between print runs of the same document.
  • At times after doing a scale the QuarkXPress box handles would be drawn incorrectly. Fixed.
  • At times after doing an undo XPert Scale an additional box would appear in the layout. Fixed.
  • Boxes containing anchored items did not always scale correctly when document scaling was enabled. Fixed

XPert TextLink

  • Random crashing could occur after linking boxes together. Fixed.
  • At times after unlinking a text chain a new page may have been inserted. Fixed.

XPert Toolbars

  • Improved the behavior of the resize widget in the tool palettes. Fixed.

XPert Type

  • At times the QuarkXPress undo functionality would become unstable. Fixed.
  • Linked text boxes would not always refresh correctly during a drag operation. Fixed.
  • At times the palette would require multiple clicks to active the live controller tool. Fixed.

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18 August 2005

Most helpful

great set of xts! i've used these for some time now (in previous versions) and am looking forward to this new and improved set
Version 2.1.3
08 December 2005
Awesome. Have been a fan of Xpert Tools since the late 1990s with version 1.11. This adds functionality on top of that again. Some crashes on Quark 4.11 within OS9.22; so there are still some bugs for them to iron out; and ShadowCaster no longer shows in the Xpert CommandPads lists any more thus can't be added. Have ended up mixing it with 1.11 and 2.13 versions to get a full set of functionality.
Version 2.1.3
18 August 2005
great set of xts! i've used these for some time now (in previous versions) and am looking forward to this new and improved set
Version 2.1.3