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23 August 2005

Track contributions and contributors.


iDonor is a standalone application that uses the FileMaker engine to track contributions and contributors. FileMaker is NOT required. An unlocked version is available for those wishing to edit iDonor in FileMaker to customize it for to specific needs. The primary aim of iDonor is to provide an AFFORDABLE alternative to the numerous over-priced packages currently being offered to non-profits. Features include the ability to:
  • create and track unlimited contributions and contributors
  • attach tasks (to do's or completed activities such as visits or phone calls) to both contributions, contributors
  • attach a folder of containing images, text files, and pdf's to a contribution or contributor
  • paste text and record audio for each contribution or contributor
  • enter a zip code to automatically look up the city, state, and county for each
  • enter names and dates quickly wit popup lists and auto-enter lists view contributions and tasks by day, week, month, and year in calendar mode
  • export contributions and contributors to a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel
  • create customized reports, mailing labels, and form letters using Microsoft Word (two starter templates included)

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