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SlipBoxA slip-box is a loose collection of slips in a box. Each time you have an idea you scribble a note on slip, put it into the box and forget about it. When the time comes to use your ideas, the functionality of the program helps you to quickly find relevant slips and, what is more, relations and links between different slips by associative searches (information scents).
What's New
Version 0.9.7:
  • Maintenance release to provide compatibility with the iPhone/iPad version of SlipBox.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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SlipBox User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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Nomad11 reviewed on 02 Nov 2011
One of the most fascinating note taking apps I've installed because of the connections it makes between notes. I use it for collecting quotes from various sources and own thoughts. And there's also an iphone / ipod touch app that sync all the notes. There are lots of plugs-ins that allow interaction with other apps
[Version 0.9.7]


Adrian commented on 13 Nov 2009
Notational Velocity has an excellent minimalist approach if you want something even more focused.
[Version 0.9.3]



joachimr reviewed on 19 Oct 2007
This is my preferred note-taking and storing application now. The previous descriptions are well done, so I don't need to repeat them here. But the point of simplicity cannot be made often enough. SB allows you enough "complexity" where needed (RTF for the notes, keywords), but stays simple enough compared to such applications as NoteTaker or NoteBook and does not force you to follow a certain structure (as the date-centered focus in Journler for example). A crucial point for me is the openness of the system. You can get all of the information out in various formats (either individually, or grouped after you have tied together some information), you can intuitively and intelligently browse through your own thoughts in a manner you never envisioned before (which is the whole point of using tools like that), you can search for your notes though a simple Spotlight search, you can search your data on your computer based on your notes (again through Spotlight) - this tight integration with core Apple technologies makes this a 5-star app for me. I have tried them all and for me as an academic, with ideas and notes being my core asset, this is the one that allows me to make the most use of my own knowledge. Oh, and it's free and takes up so little space (on your hardrive and RAM) that it can (and should!) run all day on your Mac. Give it a try. Read through the sales pitch. You will love it if you want a simple approach that yields very powerful results.
[Version 0.7.3]



madmaxmedia reviewed on 27 Mar 2007
This is an extremely promising app. The main feature of the app is its ability to automatically sort and group keywords for you, presenting them in a collapsible outline-type view that frees you from having to outline yourself. The flip side of course is that you must tag your entries appropriately. Performance with large number of entries does not seem to be a problem on my MacBook.

I have always envisioned having a notes/ideas program that was essentially unstructured, yet allowed you to process or view your data in different ways. The way this program works largely allows you to do this. This is a very sparse and simple app. In general this is a very good thing- this is a far cry from kitchen sink-type apps like Circus Ponies Notebook or AquaMinds NoteTaker, but runs nice and lean. A couple of extra small features here and there would help maximize the usefulness of the app IMO.

The main thing I would like to see is better tag management features, since tags are so important in SlipBox. Renaming or deleting tags (as you can with labels in GMail), and being able to batch process entries would greatly improve usability. The ability to assign tags to multiple marked/selected entries is important for people importing lots of information from other note/PIM apps. I have literally hundreds of entries in my old app, and not being able to apply even some general tags to batches of related entries is a problem.

I waver between giving this app 4 and 5 stars. With some extra polish it is definitely a 5 star app, but the promise alone warrants the rating IMO.
[Version 0.7.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 31 Oct 2005
It launches and works with Panther 10.3.9.
[Version 0.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 24 Sep 2005
I really love this application - I have found two uses for it (so far!): 1) It is a great recipe database (with ingredients and course as keywords - the best I've been able to find, free or otherwise!)and 2) I use it as a reference database for articles that I have to read for my work. Well done! A few niggles, though: I can't seem to make my preferred fonts (set in 'preferences')stay in place once I quit the program (they revert to the 'factory settings' on next launch) and I can't seem to get the program to open in my default slip box on my G3 mac at work.
Once again, it's a fabulous application - Well done! And thanks for making it free!
[Version 0.4]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 24 Sep 2005
re: font setting not sticking... have you tried deleting the application's .plist file (preferences file)?
Lisa6 replied on 25 Sep 2005
Thanks for replying... Yes, I did try quitting, deleting the plist and then relaunching and choosing my fonts. On quitting, it still reverted to Helvetica and Monaco (I prefer Verdana and Courier, respectively...)

Anonymous reviewed on 12 Aug 2005
Even at only version 0.3.1 this app already stands out from other note taking apps:

One standard features well done: Keywords and source information for your notes are easily and transparently assigned.

Most noteworthy: Most other note organizers are either flat, or they require you to build your hierarchy. SlipBox however automatically builds a useful hierarchy of your notes from keywords.

Current issues for 0.3.1:
- No way to tab between the various entry fields
- Stores all information in one file, i. e. not Spotlight-friendly
- Does not allow attachments of files (maybe the underlying format should be HTML and not RTF?)

The first one should be easy to fix. The second two might find a solution if the file format is a package, i. e. a folder with multiple files of any kind.
[Version 0.3.1]

1 Reply

Anonymous commented on 23 Aug 2005
Thanks for the friendly review. Just some remarks on the issues mentioned:
- Tabbing: You actually can tab between the fields; however, to leave the main text field you have to use Control-Tab, because otherwise the tab could not be used within the text field. For switching between the other fields (including the Scent Table) just use Tab.
- Spotlight-friendliness: I agreee, that should/will change in some future version.
- Attachment of files: Included in version 0.4. (Let me know if there are still problems. RTF is a good underlying file format, but export to html/xml/tex is on my to-do list.)


Phaleron had trouble on 30 Apr 2009
It does not seem to work on 10.4 any more.
[Version 0.9]

1 Reply

Anonymous commented on 01 May 2009
Yes, that's right. Version 0.9 needs OS X 10.5.


Aetnaria rated on 27 Apr 2013

[Version 0.9.7]

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Type:Business : Personal Info Managers
Date:24 Oct 2010
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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SlipBoxA slip-box is a loose collection of slips in a box. Each time you have an idea you scribble a note on slip, put it into the box and forget about it. When the time comes to use your ideas, the functionality of the program helps you to quickly find relevant slips and, what is more, relations and links between different slips by associative searches (information scents).

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