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Animation Engine

02 July 2010

Create interactive games and apps (was Arcade Engine).


Animation Engine (formerly known as Arcade Engine) lets developers create stunning multimedia applications and games, quickly and easily for every major platform. Animation Engine makes it easy to animate objects using simple and complex movements, alter movement speeds and detect collisions. Animation Engine takes care of the complexities leaving the developer to focus on what they want to achieve.

What's new in Animation Engine

Version 3.0:
  • aeChangeBackColor
  • aeChangeForeColor
  • aeChangeHeight
  • aeChangeWidth
  • aeChangeRect
  • aeChangeHScroll
  • aeChangeVScroll
  • aeFadeIn
  • aeFadeOut
  • aeCrossFade
  • Each of these handlers goes with corresponding callback messages. Animations are frame accurate, so even if they are used on slower or older machines , your controls will be at exactly the place you want them, with the correct dimensions, all where they are supposed to be at the point in time the screen refresh takes place.

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