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GUI for rarlabs rar compression.   Free
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EDS is a GUI front end for rarlabs rar program. Users can create rar sets or a single rar file. Users can also create recovery volumes and set compression type. Some switches are disabled in this release.
What's New
  • Fixed bug when no volume size was entered, which caused the rar set creation to NOT take place
  • Implemented rar set creation of Folders (all items contained within them)
  • Added the option to choose to either create a Folder or a single File rar set. Default is set to File in the Option tab
PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, RAR must be located in /usr/bin for the program to funciton.

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Anonymous reviewed on 31 Aug 2005
I have RAR 3.5 installed but when i tried to use EDS, it did nothing endlessly.

Pretty lousy UI actually with nothing but boxes to fill in and no documentation. Even the particulars of the radio buttons/check boxes are left very vague.

Considering how many zillion options there are to RAR, this GUI is far oversimplified.

I thought this was to make RAR _easier_ to use!
[Version 0.3.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 21 Jul 2005
Looks to be pretty fair software, but $30 for the actual compression software is horrendous.

I'll leave Rar to the PC folks and stick to TAR, BZIP, GZIP, ZIP, DMG, and any other perfectly adequate free archive/compression software.
[Version 0.3.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 20 Jul 2005
nice app - works great for me under 10.3.9 - it does what it has to, even
in early b-stadium.

if you put the same rar-binary that you use with eds in unrarX/contents/resources, the recovery works really great, no more need for macPAR e.t.c.

the gui is simple and that makes it nice,

developer, please:

dont care about these guys that are
unable 2go shi.... without mom,
they aren't really worth it.

more structure to the buttons e.g. "quit" separated on the left, "ok" sep. on the right (maybe highlightened/
preselected), the remaining 2 inbetween


DRAG & DROP !!!! please... (and 5stars)

and (maybe):

ability to rar folders, not just single files

thanks for this nice little gui!!!


Anonymous reviewed on 20 Jul 2005
It's shareware, and can be used for free with almost no limitations.


Anonymous reviewed on 19 Jul 2005
Yikes -- $30 for a command-line binary: http://www.rarlab.com/shop2rarlab.php?prod=macosx
[Version 0.3.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Jul 2005
The below is posted by a coward. Anyone with half a brain, which this anonymous coward does not possess, would know you just visited this listing and made comments based on the pic and file size posted without actually trying the program. EDS is not 5MB, but being a half wit and not running the program you wouldn't know that. RarMe does have more options/switches, but I included only the ones I thought most useful. I think RarMe is a great wrapper for the rar binary and if it works for you then use it, but don't be coward out and leave comments when you haven't even used the program.
[Version 0.2.9]

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Anonymous commented on 17 Jul 2005
Actually I did use the program. I even installed it. The disc image I have on my desktop clearly says 5MB. True, the application itself is 3.1MB, but still... I gave it a cursory look over, decided it wasn't for me right now. Out of respect for your comment I even tried making a few rars with it but couldn't get it to produce anything even though it says Rar complete! Half the options also seem to be grayed out. And boy aren't you the aggressive one?
Anonymous commented on 18 Jul 2005
Even the size of the icon is *huge*: 104 Kb!!!
Why can't you compress the .dmg?

And yes, I can confirm: it doesn't work in a very simple test (file located in external FireWire, I won't try in my startup disk, just in case). Rar binary located in /usr/bin.

This is a beta, so no problem. You could add drag & drop support to the input-file-field (and even allow dirs), and guess dinamically the output location, and... But just a working version would be good enough to try :-)
Anonymous commented on 21 Jul 2005
Get off your pedastle.
I don't care what somebody said, calling them a coward was not only ludicrous, it's way way way out of line!

This is a place for reviewing software, not people or their reviews.

Anonymous reviewed on 17 Jul 2005
Try RarMe. Many more options and it isn't 5mb!
[Version 0.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Jul 2005
It's been brought to my attention that EDS does not create rar files/sets when choosing a file from any volume other then the boot volume. I was not aware of this since I don't have but one partition/volume. The only solution I can offer is to just move the file you want to rar to your desktop and create the rar file/set there. This issue will be resolved soon.
[Version 0.2.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Jul 2005
RAR is the -afaik- only compressor that can create independent archives (split) that really can be expanded really autonomously - try this with zip, stuffit...
you can even create a checksum for a bunch of splitted archives with PAR to rebuild defect/missing ones...
[Version 0.2]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 14 Jul 2005
Nominal similarity aside, RAR and PAR(2) have no intrinsic connection. You can just as easily create parity sets from zip, tar, or any other archive that uses a "flat" file format. And neither is RAR the only archive that can be split, nor did RAR invent the concept.

When it comes down to it, RAR only has going for it the fact that it achieves compression second to none, although not preposterously better than, say, Bzip. The only reason to use RAR is to have an UnRAR utility, and MacPAR functions just fine for that.
macfeller replied on 17 Jul 2005
There is also RarMe works but it is a tiny PITA to set up.
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Version Downloads:3,170
Type:Utilities : Compression
Date:20 Jul 2005
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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EDS is a GUI front end for rarlabs rar program. Users can create rar sets or a single rar file. Users can also create recovery volumes and set compression type. Some switches are disabled in this release.

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