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30 October 2005

Peavey-like MIDI controller.


The PC-1600v is a software version of the popular MIDI controller by Peavey. It emulates the functions of the PC 1600x and acts as a remote preset editor that can dump presets to the real PC 1600(x)! Don't have a PC 1600x? Use this program as a software MIDI controller to control any MIDI device. Type in custom SysEx commands and send them to your MIDI device!

What's new in PC-1600v

Version 1.2:

Updated authorization codes.

The Good News:

Your registration code is now linked to your physical computer hardware. This means that that you will no longer have to request additional codes for other user accounts. This also means that the authorization code should still be valid after you wipe your hard drive and reinstall your OS.

The Bad News:

All currently registered users will have to request new codes after installing this version!

Believe me, this is as hard on me as it is on you but hopefully this will simplify things in the long run.

  • Several bug fixes
  • PC-1600v will now remember the MIDI port that was selected when the program quits. If that MIDI port no longer exists when the program is launched (i.e. you disconnected it) PC-1600v will select the first available MIDI port automatically.
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