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Internet telephony app (beta).   Free
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  • Gizmo5 has been discontinued
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Gizmo is an Internet telephony application, designed to look like the popular iChat instant messaging application. It allows you to view and call people online and talk with them.
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  • Intel/PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 +
  • Microphone and Speakers
  • Dial-up or Broadband Connection

  • *Previously available here

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Gizmo5 User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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Ovipas reviewed on 27 Jan 2011
Well, more than one year after Google acquired Gizmo5 it seems that they kill the desktop application (like their own GoogleTalk client in Windows). The last Gizmo5 for mac crashes consistently on OSX 10.5 and 10.6, the possibility to place calls using another SIP provider disappeared, the GUI is getting ugly…
Only plus point is the xmpp compatibility and the use of SIP protocol.
[Version 4.0]


Beamy commented on 25 May 2010
--- Google news ---
Oh no: Big G assimilated Gizmo !
Let's see if Big G is going to respect privacy (and data privacy)...

[Version 4.0]


Arobulack commented on 24 Sep 2009
Wow, I thought Gizmo for Mac was dead, it's so crashy-bad. If they can make this app work again, it'd be awesome.


southpawami commented on 18 May 2009
I personally use it for instant messaging. I use it for instant messaging because it does AIM, Yahoo, and some others. Yahoo Messenger for mac doesn't have photo sharing, so there's no other reason to use something else besides Adium. I've never had a problem using Gizmo for voice chat, though Skype usually works a little better in sound quality.


andychrist commented on 28 Sep 2008
F***ers wiped out my account balance and now don't recognize my registered email address, though they keep sending me spam there. Grrr...


gMax commented on 17 Sep 2008
Gizmo5 (which is actually version 4.0... duh!) fails to launch after updating to 10.5.5.



IDK reviewed on 04 Jul 2008
not bad, just needs a little more put into it

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MacUpdate-Lon replied on 04 Jul 2008
"just needs a little more put into it", such as?

What you have posted is not a review, it is a comment and you should not have used the star-ratings. When a person clicks on the "Write review" link here at MU, the resulting window states: "Please backup your claims with reasons". All you posted was a vague opinion. Not helpful.


trahe reviewed on 03 Jun 2008
Well the rating is bad, bcs i would recommend anyone to stik with the old 3.1.2 version, even so it has no video function, stability and most of all the ACF function works.
To explain:
ACF = All CAlls Free, which means the buddies on your list may become ACF members, and then you are able to call landline/or even mobile phone of those for free.
The new version seems to get nuts on this feature, it marks almost everyone as active ACF (curiously some are marked inanctive ACF (so i can use this plan in the old version).
Which means in fact :
The new version shows peoples number like you are able to call for free, but EVERY CALL you do is charged! Even the ones previously used to be free!
This is a big step backwards most annoyingly cannot rely anymore on the ACF Status.
Even so it might make your acount settings confused!
So if you like the ACF plan of Gizmo you better do not touch this Version !
PRO : Well it has no video and like always Computer to Computer is free anyway
CONTRA : Using it for mobile / landline you never know , if you are charged or not (well most of the times you are charged)


NWS reviewed on 24 May 2008
I needed an extra number for incoming calls and the occasional outgoing call and Gizmo works perfectly with my Macs. I've had it with the high costs of traditional, old tech phone companies.

The Gizmo interface could be a little sleeker and more compact but it's not a problem.

I wasn't keen on becoming a supernode for Skype, dealing with Euros or payment issues (I had them).

I waited forever for Google's GrandCentral and for iChat to be something more than AIM.

Overall, a fine program.


ThreeDee912 commented on 18 Nov 2006
It does have that Mac-ish feel, but there is definitely some clutter.


Oaxaca had trouble on 24 Sep 2009
It is crashing only.

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Type:Internet : Chat
Date:24 Sep 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Gizmo is an Internet telephony application, designed to look like the popular iChat instant messaging application. It allows you to view and call people online and talk with them.

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