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13 September 2005

Typography plugin for InDesign.


Fitting text has never been so quick, simple and effective with the introduction of TypeFitter for Adobe InDesign. Utilizing InDesign's sophisticated justification algorithms, TypeFitter offers a streamlined approach to producing great looking typography.
  • Time Saving: Using a simple palette, text can be effortlessly tightened, loosened and restored, creating smooth, even text.
  • Multi-Functional: "Nudge" word spacing, letter spacing and glyph scaling all at once and easily fit your text without compromising the quality of your type.
  • Eliminates Errors: Overset and widow finders automates what can be a tedious and error-prone task, helping to avoid commonplace production errors.
  • Sophisticated: Type-fit styles lets you create your own settings for tighten, tighten more, loosen and loosen more. Best of all, any type-fit style from a previously created document can be imported into a current document or shared with other users.

What's new in TypeFitter

Version 1.0.31 :
  • Fixed an issue in CS2 Pro in mapping XML tags to tables within tables.

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