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17 June 2005

Database inspector/browser.


DeebeeX is a database inspector/browser for OS X. It is based on the python DB API and currently supports Oracle databases only. There don't seem to be many database viewers around for OS X that support Oracle. Those you find are typically Java based, require installation of an Oracle JDBC driver, often need some fiddling with the class path and only provide a generic Java GUI, not a true Cocoa GUI. What is missing is a database browser like CocoaMySQL for Oracle.

DeebeeX aims to provide this missing database browser for Oracle. It's been made possible by two great tools:

  • PyObjC by the PyObjC team
  • cx_Oracle by Anthony Tuininga

Thanks to the packaging system delivered with PyObjC the application will run on any OSX machine with the Oracle Instant Client, which is a free download from the Oracle download page.

The only other requirement is that ORACLE_HOME is set, either by putting it in ~/.MacOXS/environment.plist or by starting DeebeeX from a Terminal where it is set via "open": open

What's new in DeeBeeX

  • Built with (and using) Python 2.4, PyObjC 1.3.6, cx_Oracle 4.1
  • Added index and contraint views to the structure view
  • Added support for BLOB and CLOB types in the content view

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