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22 April 2006

Record and share your biking adventures.


Looking for a way to record and share your biking adventures? Try BikeBlog! BikeBlog allows you to define all the routes you commonly bike on, and easily blog about every ride you do. It helps keep track of how long you were biking, how far you went, and what you did and saw. And when you're all done, publish your BikeBlog to your .Mac account, or your hard drive.

What's new in BikeBlog

Version 1.1:
  • The entries table is now sortable, and this order also sets order in published file.
  • Added extra option to application preferences to warn before over-writing files.
  • Added extra option to application preferences to not write stat info if value is 0 (ie: Max speed=0, don't print anything).
  • Explicitly set ISO Latin-1 in the HTML file, and encode high-characters with '&' equivalents ( (Lolof S.)
  • Units (miles, KM) are based on user settings in International system pref.
  • Number formatting (thousands and decimal separators) obeys user settings in International system pref
  • Added toolbar icon for "Edit Entry"
  • Made doc settings into a sheet, not a drawer, so they work better with smaller screens
  • Fixed bug where routes that are left with no name behave badly when publish/preview is selected. Blank names revert back to a unique "New Route" name.
  • Fixed bug where deleting a route that is assigned to one or more entries would leave that route name in that entry.
  • Fixed bug where when adding a new route, that route is assigned to the first entry in the document.
  • Fixed bug that allowed more than one route to have the same name.
  • Fixed bug where changes in one open document would make other open documents think they had been updated as well.

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  • PPC 32
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