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DEVONthink Pro for Mac

08 October 2021

Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.

What is DEVONthink Pro for Mac

DEVONthink is DEVONtechnologies' document and information management solution. It supports a large variety of file formats and stores them in a database enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). Many document formats can be directly viewed, edited, and annotated. A powerful search language finds documents in an instant, smart groups keep them always at hand.

Sophisticated organization tools, AI-based techniques that handle even the largest collections, and numerous integration options make DEVONthink the work environment of choice for researchers, lawyers, and educators. Smart rules, flexible reminders, and deep AppleScript support allow automating even complex repeating tasks. And with its fast, reliable, and secure synchronization users keep their data available on all their Macs. DEVONthink To Go for iPad and iPhone completes the DEVONthink ecosystem.

  • Keeps your data together
  • Scans your paper
  • Archives your email
  • Assists you with A.I.
  • Syncs your data securely
  • Automates repeating tasks
  • Lets you share your data

What's new in DEVONthink Pro

Version 3.8:

With so many improvements made and functions added, this update is almost an upgrade. The summary would be far too long to list them all, so here are a few of the high points.

To help ensure your databases are healthy, we've added another mechanism that logs the state of each file, called a checksum, in your database. Occasionally, use the new Check File Integrity command and script to verify the files are intact. As linking becomes increasingly commonplace, WikiLinks can now be converted to more "stable" item links. You also can now update the link text for an item link if you've renamed the linked file. Additionally, DEVONthink now has another way of seeing relationships between documents: a new Document > Mentions inspector that lists documents that mention the name or aliases of a selected document in their contents. You can see where the mention occurs and there is a new Summarize Mentions command to gather those mentions into one document. When searching, you can set a preference to set a default search scope for toolbar searches, e.g., Inboxes. And the See Also & Classify inspector now presents options to match items by tags instead of content and also can limit the suggestions to the current database. For the automators, seasoned and new, JXA (JavaScript for Automation) scripts can now be edited in the embedded editor and executed in smart rules and reminder alarms. The AppleScript dictionary has several new commands and properties.

Markdown fans will see more improvements including setting formatting via hotkeys, e.g., ⌘B to type in bold, and automatically continued lists where pressing Return in a list will insert a new list item. In the Markdown preferences, specify a default JavaScript to apply to all Markdown files. Dropping, pasting, and inserting pictures into a Markdown document can now automatically add the images directly to a group with a user-specified name, with links added to the document by DEVONthink. PDF annotators will appreciate new highlight, underline, and strike through tools that are persistent until you change the tool.

An important feature for people who index files, a Select option has been added to the Path dropdown in the Generic Info inspector. This allows you to select the moved item in its new location and have the indexed children detected properly. Since files often travel outside of macOS, e.g., through Dropbox, DEVONthink can now preferentially replace OS-unsafe characters in a filename. We also made some cosmetic changes to the interface. This includes rearranging some of the preferences to make them appear more consistent between the old and new versions of macOS.

Regarding syncing, we made more improvements to our sync engine to try and circumvent the roadblocks remote sync options can present. We have fixed several bugs and crashes and, as always, improved the performance and reliability.

  • DEVONthink stores now an SHA1 hash of a database's file contents. This can be used to detect data degradation in the current database. The check can be done manually via the newly added File > Check File Integrity command or with the script Scripts > Data > Check file integrity of all databases.
  • Added support for mentions. The new Document > Mentions inspector lists content matches based on the name or alias of the selected item and the menu command Tools > Summarize Mentions creates a summary document of all mentions of the selected items. It is also possible to summarize the mentions of a tag, e.g., to create a report for a certain topic.
  • Added options Based on content and Based on tags to the See Also & Classify inspector. The default is to match by content. The Current database only option limits the results to the current database.
  • Added a Select menu item to the Path popup of the Info inspector. This allows you to easily choose and update the path of indexed files or folders that have been moved from their originally indexed location. Only files with the exact name and extension can be updated.
  • Added new menu items, Highlight, Underline, and Strike Through, to the Tools > Annotate menu. Choosing these annotation modes applies the selected format to the current text selection of PDF documents but the tool remains persistent until changed allowing for quicker annotating by merely selecting text.
  • Added simple support for smart numbered or bulleted lists and checkboxes in Markdown documents. After pressing Return, the next line inherits the previous line's list-item type and indent level.
  • Added Preferences > General > More compatible naming of files. This option replaces the characters |<>%?&*" when naming files to improve the compatibility with other filesystems and platforms, e.g., Dropbox or OneDrive. Forward slashes and colons are always replaced as these are reserved by macOS. Note this has been the default behavior of DEVONthink but can be disabled with this option.
  • Added annotation file options in Preferences > General. This includes: In shared group or In same group as well as the option Move annotations automatically. The former option creates the annotation document in the Annotations group in the root of the database or in the same group as the source document. The latter option moves the annotation document when the source document is moved to another database, or deletes the document if the source file is deleted.
  • Added Preferences > General > Search Scope to specify the default search scope for toolbar searches, either Last scope, All databases, or Current database. The default is Last scope.
  • Added Preferences > General > Automatically select search inspector to switch to the Search inspector if the view/edit pane and inspectors are already visible when doing a toolbar search in the database.
  • Added option Preferences > General > Automatically reveal items. After switching tabs, going back or forward in the view/edit pane, or clicking on item links in documents, the currently previewed item in main windows is automatically revealed in the item list. This option is off by default.
  • Added Preferences > Files > Markdown > Force line breaks, optionally making it unnecessary to add double spaces before line breaks manually.
  • Added Preferences > Files > Markdown > Images > Import images to group to specify the destination group for pasted or dropped images, e.g., images copied or dragged and dropped from the Finder or a browser. The group is created if necessary.
  • Added Preferences > Files > Markdown > Summaries > Quote highlights. After enabling this option, highlighted content in the original document is presented as a series of blockquotes instead of highlighted paragraphs.
  • Added Side-by-Side option to Preferences > Files > Markdown > Markdown Display. In addition, the default mode is now Editing.
  • Added Preferences > RSS > Check for updates > After synchronizing the database. This setting is especially useful if a database with RSS feeds is synchronized between multiple Macs as it helps ensure all machines are in the same state.
  • Added Open option to reminders to replace the "Open Documents" reminder script. However, the script will not be removed from existing installations, in case it's in use.
  • Added database thumbnail to File > Database Properties to allow changing the icon of databases.
  • Added command File > Import > Bookmarks from HTML file to retrieve bookmarks from one or more HTML files, e.g., from an exported Safari bookmark file. One group is created per file and each bookmark is automatically named.
  • Added Format > Line Wrapping to toggle line wrapping while editing text.
  • Added Format > Wiki Linking to easily toggle automatic WikiLinking in the current document.
  • Added Tools > Item Links > Convert WikiLinks to Item Links. WikiLinks in the selected plain text, rich text, and Markdown documents are converted to their corresponding item links.
  • Added Tools > Item Links > Update Names of Item Links. The displayed names of item links in the selected and unlocked rich text and Markdown documents are updated. Named linked images using item links in Markdown documents are also updated.
  • Added command Go > To Link to open a link at the current cursor position in plain text, rich text, and Markdown documents.
  • Added new Move Focus menu items to the Go menu: to Sidebar, to View, to Preview, and to Inspector. Each command also has its own shortcut.
  • Added shortcut ⌘⌃⌥O to the Annotations popup in the Document > Annotations inspector to open the linked annotation in a new window.
  • Added Comments field to the Voice Note, Video Note, and Screen Capture views of the Sorter.
  • Added new default smart rules Create Version and Remove Obsolete Versions for simple file versioning. The first one should be performed before saving, the second one periodically, e.g., before synchronizing. Exclude the group Versions from search if you don't want old versions to be part of toolbar search results.
  • Added Apply Rule smart rule action to perform the actions of another smart rule. Note the items passed by the initial smart rule must match the criteria of the second smart rule to trigger it. This is especially useful after performing actions like OCR or executing scripts and can avoid redundant or scheduled smart rules.
  • Added Open smart rule action, e.g. to open new documents after creating them.
  • Added JavaScript options to the smart rule "Execute Script" action and reminder alarms, allowing for use of JavaScript for Automation (JXA) scripts.
  • Added new AppleScript open internally type to reminder alarms.
  • Added script Scripts > Edit > Replace Text in Documents. This script supports replacing text in both plain and rich text documents.
  • Added AppleScript command summarize mentions of records.
  • Added AppleScript command check file integrity of database to check the data integrity of files and document packages. It returns the number of documents having a checksum discrepancy. The new record property content hash returns the stored SHA1 hash values of files and document packages.
  • Added name and tags parameters to the AppleScript command display group selector to enable fields to enter name and tags. The command returns now either the selected group (without name and tags parameters) due to compatibility to older versions or a dictionary containing the key-value pairs "group" and optionally "name" and "tags" (with name and/or tags parameters).
  • Added exclude subgroups and highlight occurrences properties to the AppleScript support of smart groups, including use with the create record with command.
  • Added duration record property to AppleScript for use with audio and video files.
  • Added JavaScript option in Preferences > Files > Markdown to specify a default JavaScript script, applied to all Markdown files.
  • Added location group AppleScript property returning the group of a record's location.
  • Added optional open parameter to x-devonthink://search? item links to always open the search in a new window, e.g., x-devonthink://search?query=text:sync%20Bonjour&open=1.
  • Added hidden preference EnableAutomaticConsolidation to automatically move indexed items into the database after moving them from an indexed group to an internal group. This option is disabled by default.
  • Added hidden preference DontAutomaticallyEnableOperatorsOptionOfSearchInspector to prevent enabling the Operators & Wildcards option of the Search inspector after a toolbar search.
  • Added hidden preference DisableFileCoordination to disable file coordination as this can cause large delays on some systems.
  • Added hidden preference RawMarkdownPasting to avoid the conversion or formatting of links or rich text content when pasting into a Markdown file. This option is off by default.
New (Pro)
  • Added command Tools > Sheets > Delete Records, making it possible to add a user-defined shortcut, if desired.
  • A warning is now logged to the Log window after opening databases located on network volumes. Using wirelessly connected volumes is highly discouraged.
  • Tabs of main and document windows can now be reordered via drag-and-drop. Also, spring-loading is supported, e.g., to drop files into an inactive rich text tab, on macOS Big Sur and later. If there are a large number of tabs, you can scroll though them. Lastly, inactive tabs can be closed without having to select them first.
  • If the background process for clipping web content fails consistently, it will now relaunch itself.
  • Automatic verification of databases before syncing is now faster, potentially alleviating some slowdowns in the application.
  • The toolbar search now supports the abbreviated syntax s: for specifying the search scope. Also, the synonym all, targeting all open databases, has been added to the current list of scopes: databases, database, inboxes, inbox (i.e., the Global Inbox), tags, trash, selection, or the name of a specific database.
  • The name of global smart groups and smart rules in the Navigate sidebar is now color coded. Grey: the targeted database is not open; red: the targeted database is open but the targeted group cannot be found.
  • Moved the Import preferences to Preferences > Files to make the preferences more consistent and to ensure all preference panes are visible on macOS Big Sur and later.
  • Improved creating replicants via drag-and-drop.
  • Moving or duplicating tagged items from one database to another adds aliases of the source tags to existing destination tags when necessary.
  • You can now Control-drop compatible items, e.g., images and text documents, into a Markdown document to insert a transclusion link.
  • The Markdown editor now supports autocompletion for transclusion links beginning with the standard {{ or alternative ![[ syntax. Depending on the locations of the source and destination record, a filename, relative path, or item link is inserted. This also supports image transclusions as an alternative to drag-and-drop.
  • The conversion of hashtags to tags now also supports tags specified as MultiMarkdown or YAML metadata, e.g., tags: tag1, tag2, tag3.
  • Improved WYSIWYG editing of Markdown documents in regards to formatting and MathJAX.
  • Improved handling of the Editing bar, the Format menu, and keyboard shortcuts when editing Markdown documents. Commands can now be used to insert new formatted text, e.g., inserting control characters to type bold text.
  • Underline, strike through, super- and subscript, and highlighting are now applied to all selected lines of Markdown documents. This includes multiline elements like lists.
  • The Edit > Insert > Picture command now also works with Markdown documents. Inserted images will be imported and filed in the database if the Preferences > Files > Markdown > Import images to group option is enabled.
  • Pasting links into Markdown documents, e.g., copied item links, automatically formats them as Markdown links. Use Edit > Paste and Match Style to paste the links without conversion.
  • Improved handling of text in Markdown documents when the hidden preference IndexRawMarkdownSource is enabled.
  • Automatic WikiLinking ignores text in code and fenced code blocks in Markdown documents.
  • The commands Edit > Insert > Line/Paragraph/Page Break are disabled for Markdown documents.
  • Improved emoji support in Markdown documents.
  • Updated MathJAX and Prism support nows includes the Typescript, Go, and Ruby languages.
  • Improved the internal Markdown stylesheet for better table and blockquotes styling.
  • PDF documents which might be corrupted by Apple's PDFkit framework are now detected more reliably. Such PDF documents are opened read-only but may still be editable externally.
  • Command-clicking on an annotation of a PDF page while in Text Selection mode, will select the annotation. This can be useful if the Document > Annotations inspector is active.
  • Improved recognition of PDF duplicates if stricter recognition is disabled.
  • Changed the underline and strike-through color in PDF documents from black to red.
  • The contextual menu item Quick Look Attachments in text views now supports links in plain text and Markdown documents as well as automatic WikiLinks in plain text, rich text, and Markdown documents. Also, selecting a block of text containing multiple links opens a Quick Look window for all links.
  • Hanzi double square brackets typed in plain text, rich text, and Markdown documents are automatically replaced with ASCII square brackets if automatic WikiLinking based on square brackets is enabled.
  • Indexing of item links now ignores self-referencing links in a document. These links are not counted toward incoming or outgoing item links.
  • Clicking a link in a web document which opens an external application, e.g., an email link, will bring the external application to the front if the Shift key is held.
  • Only indexed audio files inside the ~/Music directory are still played via Quick Look, e.g., to show album art. All other indexed audio files use the standard controls already used for imported audio files. In this case it's also possible to insert back links to a certain time in the Annotations & Reminders inspector.
  • There is now specific support for creating thumbnails for YouTube video bookmarks via Data > Thumbnails, smart rules, or enabling the Bookmarks option in Preferences > Files > Thumbnails.
  • Document and main windows are now constrained to their screen after attaching or detaching external monitors.
  • Windows in full screen document mode are excluded from window tiling.
  • If the number of unread items in a group, smart group, or feed is identical to the total number of items, only the number is shown instead of identical numbers, e.g., 4/4.
  • The buttons to toggle the document display mode of Markdown documents are now also shown in the Editing bar.
  • Improved capturing dynamic websites as paginated or single-page PDF documents via AppleScript and Clip to DEVONthink.
  • You can now open groups in the Sorter via ⌘↩.
  • Updated the Sorter to include tooltips displaying each view's keyboard shortcut.
  • Improved some UI elements, window appearances, and the progress indicator on the Dock icon or application switcher in macOS Big Sur and later.
  • Renamed the Time column of the Log window to Date/Time. The more compact Log popover still only displays the time.
  • Renaming the inbox of a database in the Navigate sidebar is now only possible if Unify inboxes is disabled in Preferences > General > Interface.
  • Improved restoring the expanded or collapsed state of groups when navigating forward and backward through locations.
  • Icons have been added to the Extras sidebar for macOS Big Sur and later.
  • The Name field of the Generic Info inspector is now disabled when selected items can't be renamed, e.g., the Tags group or the Trash.
  • If you set a reminder alarm in the Annotations & Reminders inspector and Enable reminder alarms isn't enabled in Preferences > General, an alert is shown with the option to enable the preference.
  • The Annotations & Reminders inspector now supports the Insert Link popover in the Annotation field.
  • The Table of Contents inspector now supports Markdown headings specifying an identifier, e.g. # Heading [myID], used for internal document anchors.
  • The Content > Table of Contents inspector now supports Markdown transclusion. Transcluded sections are displayed in italics. Note: Scrolling to sections only applies to the rendered preview, not the editable source. It also now detects and displays HTML header elements (H1-H7) in web documents and views.
  • The Type column of the Document > Annotations inspector now displays icons for the annotation type with PDF annotations. With rich text documents, highlight annotations just show the color.
  • The Document > Links inspector supports WikiLinks added to rich text files via Format > Make Link. It also now ignores WikiLinks to items in the Trash.
  • The keyboard shortcut ⌥↩ can be used to replicate items via the See Also & Classify inspector while the search field has the focus.
  • Selecting a found PDF annotation in the list of occurrences of the Search inspector now selects the annotation on the PDF page.
  • Items in the Data > New > With Template menu with placeholders in their names now show as tokens, similar to how placeholders are shown in the smart criteria editor.
  • Tools > Batch Processing is now also available if only one item is selected.
  • Workspaces have been moved to a Go > Workspaces submenu.
  • The Sidebar options have been moved to a new Preferences > General > Interface tab and the Media preference pane has been renamed to Files.
  • A warning is now logged after opening a database containing more than 8,000 tags if the Spotlight index for the database is enabled to avoid performance issues in the Finder.
  • All cancelable activities, e.g., OCR, can be immediately cancelled via the contextual menu in the Activity window or filter pane.
  • Improved handling of indexed items in a local SeaDrive folder
  • Improved compatibility of shortcut handling with Asian input sources like 2-set Korean.
  • Background operations are suspended while exporting database archives.
  • Saving empty files is now logged to Console.log for debugging purposes.
  • Enhanced caching of Finder comments, should fix rare issues.
  • PDF documents produced by Quartz aren't marked as read-only anymore if they're using CID fonts (e.g. CJK).
  • Added support for Bookends 14.
  • Reduced usage of the deprecated AddressBook framework making certain placeholders more reliable, e.g., %organization% or %emailAddress%.
  • Improved performance and reliability in several critical ways: better memory management when moving or copying items between databases, more efficient background indexing, tagging, thumbnailing, higher performance running smart groups, smart rules, and searches, and improved retry handling of background processes.
  • The smart group and rule editor is now scrollable in the case of many criteria or actions.
  • In the smart criteria editor, the text field for Date is (not) within last x days criteria is wider.
  • Global smart groups and smart rules using relative date conditions, e.g., This hour, are now automatically refreshed after a certain interval in the absence of databases or sidebar changes.
  • The name of scripts and templates can be prefixed with a number and end parenthesis, e.g., 01), 02), etc., to allow ordering items in their respective menus. This number will not be displayed in the menus. It's not recommended to rename the default scripts or templates
  • Cancelling smart rule or reminder scripts no longer logs this action to the Log window
  • The createMarkdown, createText, and createGroup URL commands now work now also if the location parameter is specified but not an http:, https: or file: URL.
  • Revised AppleScript support improves compatibility to JXA.
  • Improved some descriptions in the AppleScript dictionary.
Improved (Pro)
  • The Apple Mail plugin has been updated for macOS Monterey.
  • Moved the Email preferences to Preferences > Files to make the preferences more consistent and to ensure all preference panes are visible on macOS Big Sur and later.
  • Incoming scans from the Raven scanner are recognized and optionally run through OCR on import.
  • The Custom Info inspector now supports the Insert Link popover in fields with a rich text data type.
  • Message > Add to DEVONthink 3 in Apple Mail now supports entering a name if only one email is selected and Preferences > Import > Destination is set to Select Group.
  • After OCR, if the metadata editor is enabled in Preferences > OCR, the Title field of the metadata panel has focus when the panel opens.
  • The OCR commands are disabled for WebP images as they are not supported.
  • The configurations in Preferences > Imprinter can be reordered.
Improved (Server)
  • After the initial launch of DEVONthink, the DEVONagent user is now always added to the default users of Preferences > Server > Users, even if DEVONagent is not available.
Improved (Sync)
  • Improved detection of available WebDAV servers on the local network.
  • Improved conflict handling with iCloud (CloudKit) sync stores is much more reliable and should help alleviate missing file and manifest issues.
  • Improved reliability of synchronizing custom metadata. In addition, the state of metadata definitions set in Preferences > Data is now synced.
  • Reduced resource usage in the sync interface, especially on the Mac and in case of multiple sync locations.
  • Improved error logging and handling during sync when disk space may be insufficient, especially with encrypted databases. Items that cannot be synced due to a lack of space are now marked as pending in the database.
  • Improved logging in the case of sent or received empty files when the file types suggest valid zero-byte files.
  • Renamed Synchronize and Synchronize All to Synchronize Database and Synchronize All Databases in the File menu.
  • Sync is now temporarily disabled until DEVONthink finishes launching completely.
  • Improved progress display while preparing to clean sync stores.
  • Improved support for indexed SeaFile files.
  • Updated Dropbox SDK.
  • The MultiMarkdown engine could crash the application when encountering an unknown token type. Fixed.
  • Tags applied in the Sorter weren't applied to the documents. Fixed.
  • Typing at the end or pasting into a Markdown document sometimes caused scrolling errors. Fixed.
  • Blockquotes in lists or at the beginning of a Markdown document didn't display correctly in WYSIWYG. Fixed.
  • MultiMarkdown metadata tags containing hashtags, e.g., tags: #tag1, #tag2, didn't strip the hash when converting to tags. Fixed.
  • Parsing Markdown metadata could cause unexpected appearances when WYSIWYG was enabled. Fixed.
  • Checkboxes in Markdown documents following empty lines were not always supported or rendered as expected. Fixed.
  • Selecting a Markdown section in the Content > Table of Contents inspector did not always scroll the preview to the selected section. Fixed.
  • With WYSIWYG and/or dark mode enabled, Markdown annotation documents displayed incorrectly in the Document > Annotations inspector. Fixed.
  • Markdown WYSIWYG was incorrectly applied to distraction-free documents in fullscreen mode. Fixed.
  • Highlighted links were rendered incorrectly in Markdown. Fixed.
  • Support for MultiMarkdown metadata was not case-insensitive and didn't ignore spaces. Fixed.
  • The Markdown parser could cause incomplete indexing when the hidden preference IndexRawMarkdownSource was not enabled. Fixed.
  • Hashtags were not always removed from indexed files when removing them from the text in an external application. Fixed.
  • Text entered in the annotation editor for Note annotations could be lost when closing the PDF. Fixed.
  • The thumbnail of documents converted to PDF via Data > Convert was sometimes incomplete. Also, PDF documents created by Tools > Split PDF into Chapters on macOS Big Sur and later could have transparent thumbnails. Fixed.
  • Printing PDFs from Safari's Reader mode didn't retain the title, yielding files named "unnamed document". The group selector also failed to display the proper name. Fixed.
  • Indexing or converting web documents, e.g., HTML files, skipped content in textarea elements. Fixed.
  • After editing a document, e.g., a formatted note, the geolocation was always updated, even if the document already had one. Fixed.
  • Pressing Return in the last row of a sheet no longer added a new row. Fixed.
  • Trashing a replicated item from the root of the Global Inbox trashed all instances of the item. Fixed.
  • Windows could be incorrectly displayed when opening more than one document window while the main window was in fullscreen mode. Fixed.
  • Sorting by document properties, e.g. author, of mixed document types could sometimes produce unexpected results. Fixed.
  • The currently selected search scope of toolbar searches was not always updated, e.g., if the specified or last used scope wasn't valid for the current selection. Fixed.
  • Searching for wordA -wordB could find items containing both words in the name and having both words as tags. Fixed.
  • The default order of columns in the search pane was incorrect. Fixed.
  • The New Group and New Smart Group toolbar item showed a glitch on macOS Big Sur and later.Fixed.
  • Main windows didn't display correctly when first launching DEVONthink on macOS Monterey. Fixed.
  • When displayed as a menu bar item, the Sorter didn't work with Bartender.
  • When using the Menu Extra Title > Text option in Preferences > Sorter, the text wasn't displayed in the menubar. Fixed.
  • The content area of the Take Note view of the Sorter would not always display in the correct light or dark mode. Fixed.
  • Video notes taken in the Sorter didn't save to the specified location. Fixed.
  • Tooltips were incorrect or missing in the Navigation or Editing bars. Fixed.
  • The Tab key didn't cycle through the interface elements in the Web Clip view of the Sorter. Fixed.
  • The Sorter would not clip plain text without a selection. Fixed.
  • Manually changed URLs of clipped web pages weren't retained by the Sorter. Fixed.
  • Databases couldn't be renamed in the Navigate sidebar. Fixed.
  • The contextual menu and action menu item Copy Item Link didn't work with groups or files in Favorites. Fixed.
  • Smart groups could sporadically be displayed and show the controls of smart rules. Fixed.
  • The filter panes could sometimes display at incorrect positions. Fixed.
  • Clearing the toolbar search field while using the Import sidebar, e.g., scanning or archiving, could cause an invalid user interface state. Fixed.
  • In the Reading List sidebar, the contextual menu item Copy was disabled on items that weren't explicitly selected. Fixed.
  • Inserting back links in the Annotations & Reminders inspector wasn't possible if the view/edit pane was disabled. Fixed.
  • Clicking timestamped item links in the Annotations & Reminders inspector, e.g., when transcribing audio and video files, stopped playback of media files. Fixed.
  • The selection in the Table of Contents inspector wasn't reset after deleting pages from the thumbnails of PDF documents. Fixed.
  • The Document > Links inspector did not always list all incoming links if the link in the referencing document was at the end of the document. Fixed.
  • File > Export > as Template still replaced the % in placeholders used in names when exporting multiple items. Fixed.
  • File > Import > Folders & Attachments from Apple Notes didn't import notes with tables correctly. Fixed.
  • Data > Add To > Reading List wasn't disabled if only groups or smart groups were selected. Fixed.
  • The Tools > Summarize Highlights > Markdown command yielded incorrect results when used with RTF(D) documents. Fixed.
  • Using Tools > Summarize Highlights could cause unexpected results when used with rich text and Markdown documents. Fixed.
  • Databases could be closed, rebuilt, or repaired while items from other databases were moved to them in the background. Fixed.
  • In databases with tagged groups and the option Inherit Tags of Groups disabled in File > Database Properties, toolbar searches, as well as smart groups and smart rules, could return incorrect results. Fixed.
  • Databases were sometimes incorrectly marked as needing to be synced after refreshing RSS feeds, leading to unnecessary synchronizations. Fixed.
  • Exceptions could be caused by the Touch Bar on macOS Big Sur. Fixed.
  • Clicking an x-devonthink://search? link would play the system alert sound. Fixed.
  • Opening items externally by double-clicking didn't trigger smart rules using On Open or On Open Externally event triggers. Fixed.
  • Certain smart date conditions, e.g., Last Month, could still return items that were created exactly at 00:00 on the following day. Fixed.
  • Smart rules were triggered before completing the import of printed documents from browsers and setting e.g., their URL. Fixed.
  • After launching the app for the first time, the Automatic Locking smart rule wasn't permanently saved. Fixed.
  • The AppleScript commands exists record with file and lookup records with file no longer worked. Fixed. In addition, the results are now found much faster.
  • The scripts in Scripts > Thumbnails didn't work anymore on the latest versions of macOS. Fixed.
  • The type of plain text records returned via AppleScript was incorrectly returned as text, instead of txt. Fixed.
  • Running AppleScript could cause a deadlock in race circumstances. Fixed.
Fixed (Pro)
  • The Apple Mail plug-in didn't fully work if installed in /Library/Mail/Bundles, e.g., in case of a moved user directory. Fixed.
  • Checkboxes in the Custom Info inspector and form view of tables didn't display correctly on macOS Big Sur. Fixed.
  • Some TIFF files could not be imprinted. Fixed.
  • The lightness of some PNG images could be affected by imprinting. Fixed.
  • Counters in imprints didn't always function correctly. Fixed.
  • The scan interface could freeze when saving an image. Fixed.
  • Changes to custom metadata inspector were not always saved, for example when concurrent background activities were updating the database. Fixed.
  • The contextual menu of the table headers in the Concordance inspector showed incorrectly. Fixed.
  • Memory leaks could sometimes occur after using the Apple Mail plugin. Fixed.
  • Indexed .emlx files didn't preview or behave correctly. Fixed.
Fixed (Server)
  • Changes in the Info inspector of a selected document in web sharing were applied to the wrong document when a new record was selected after modifying the field. Fixed.
  • Images were not displaying in the web sharing interface. Fixed.
Fixed (Sync)
  • Sync could cause rare unnecessary uploads e.g., after merging of local and remote databases. Fixed.
  • The wrong parent UUIDs for items in the Global Inbox could have been sent from older versions of DEVONthink To Go. Fixed.
  • Certain files without a data fork, e.g., old .webloc files having only a resource fork, could cause unnecessary "Skipped empty file" warnings. Fixed.
  • Temporary network issues could cause unnecessary missing manifest errors as well as other potential issues, especially when syncing via WebDAV or CloudKit. Fixed.
  • Dropbox syncs could report timeouts from the background process. Fixed.
  • Removed contextual menu commands Convert to Item Link and Convert All to Item Links from plain text, rich text, and Markdown documents.
  • Removed the default keyboard shortcuts of services: Capture Web Archive, Lookup, and Summarize to avoid conflicts with shortcuts used by other common applications.
  • Removed the .xd extension from the list of known plain text extensions as this is also used by Adobe XD.
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Jun 1 2021
Jun 1 2021
Version: 3.7.2
A great tool for those who need it (not for those who complain but clearly bought the wrong tool). Rock solid, well thought out. But you have to read at least part of the manual, if is not completely obvious what can and cannot be done. When SpotLight is not up to your tasks anymore, have a look at DTPro and be prepared to invest some time to learn, you will be rewarded :)
Feb 25 2021
Feb 25 2021
Version: 3.6.1
I've used DEVONthink since it was 2.x. I departed from it for a while, but I'm back and loving its usefulness. It's quite handy to use with iOS devices where is quite limited. I tried to do everything with just plain text files and folders, but I finally broke down and admitted it was a foolish idea after all. DEVONthink works quite well for capturing all kinds of info with minimum friction and maintain it in a searchable and usable way. Now that I have tried the overly-simplistic method, I can't emphasize enough how useful DEVONthink really is.
Jan 11 2021
Jan 11 2021
Version: 3.6.1
I bought this and thin it's one of the worst piece sof software I've ever bought. I tried and tried to make use of it, but the kludgy and confusing interface and workpath was impossible. I'm a historian for a living, and tried to use this for a book I was writing. it was so frustrating that I just gave up on it. Since then I've written another book using just Zotero and FineReader pro, and I was just cleaning up the ol' hard drive and oh yeah, there's DevonthinkPro. Why did I ever buy that awful piece of frustrations-ware?
Aug 13 2020
Aug 13 2020
Version: 3.5.2
May 14 2020
May 14 2020
Version: 3.5
$199 for DEVONthink Pro. NOT $99. DEVONthink Standard is $99. - - Why the confusion? DEVON messed around with their application naming with version 3. What WAS DEVONthink Pro v2.x is NOW DEVONthink Standard 3.x. Check their website for details regarding changes. (o_0)
Apr 10 2020
Apr 10 2020
Version: 3.0.4
This appears to be a marginally useful database app. I am uncertain because I am unable to really figure out how to use it because the entire endeavor is so inextricable confusing. The problem is that I am an educator in need of a solution NOW, not after 6 months of using the product to figure out how to use it. What is even more egregious is the fact that they offer, but do not honor educator discounts. I have tried to obtain this coveted discount but have been denied. They gave me the directions to get the discount, I re-applied, but they refuse to answer now. There are alternatives to this software, and I do not need an overly militant sales dept who drives up revenue by lying to the public.... If their sales dept acts this way, can you immagine what the rest of the user experience would be like?
Sep 13 2019
Sep 13 2019
Version: 3.0
Looks like they did a good job cleaning up the interface of the desktop app. Unfortunately, their website is confusing. They need to hire a marketing person to tell them what needs to be on their site so that it isn't confusing for customers (and people who potentially want to upgrade) to figure out. A good comparison chart of ALL versions would be a start along with the price for each. It looks like the upgrade from DEVONThink Pro 2 to DEVONThink Pro 3 to get some of the same features that I had in 2 is pretty steep compared to the about $50 I paid last time.
Sep 12 2019
Sep 12 2019
Version: 3.0
I have been using DevonThink (pro) for a few years now. And I am very satisfied with it. I am now considering moving to version 3 but I continue to find the distinction between the different versions rather confusing! More precisely, I don't like their 'Comparison Edition' page! (on ) Rather than see 'The standard edition offers all features portrayed on the DEVONthink product page except those listed above', I would have preferred a simple presentation of all the main features with 3 columns. 'DEVONthink - DEVONthink Pro - DEVONthink Server' IMHO it would have been much clearer.
Aug 1 2019
Aug 1 2019
Version: 3.0beta5
I really love it! DEVONthink Pro is one of my favourite pieces of software.
Jul 30 2019
Jul 30 2019
Version: 3.0beta5
Is DEVONthink Pro beta 5 - it is "beta" after all - suitable for practical use?? We have been waiting for the final release ... need the software asap for a project that includes OCRing 1500 pages of pdf documents. Comments, thanks.
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