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Atlantic ocean tropical storm news widget. (was Hurricane News)   Free
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Hurricane Tracker is a Dashboard widget that streams news about Atlantic ocean tropical storms.
What's New
Version 1.1: Added auto-update, multiple streams and Satellite image on the back. Choose from multiple storm tracks or Atlantic Basin feeds. also in Spanish.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

MacUpdate - Hurricane Tracker

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Hurricane Tracker User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 10 Jun 2005
Thats one of the resons I first made the comment about it being too large (and it really is, its the second largest widget in my dashboard). We really dont need all the past reports.

The real problem however, like I said, is that widget developers are trying to be artists, and they all think that their widget is going to be the most important one in everyones dashboard. They end up using a lot of space for decoration when honestly, I dont need to see a big CNN logo or a landscape of blowing palm trees. I need a widget that works well, saves as much screen space for other widgets as it can and gets our of my way when its not in use. The address book widget is a great example of a space saving widgit that gets ourt of the way.

The general rules that widgets should follow is:

1) The most important widget in the world is the one I'm currently using

2) The least important widget in the world is the one I'm not currently using

3) I'f I'm not using a widget, lets get it out of the way.

Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great widgets out there, but developers need to remember that its the task that the user is trying to perform that is important, not the work that you as the developer are creating.
[Version 1.1]

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Anonymous commented on 11 Jun 2005
Hey, Anonymous --

If you don't like it - don't use it.

If you want one that is better, do it yourself.
Anonymous commented on 07 Jul 2005
I agree with Minotaur. This is a nice widget.
Anonymous commented on 19 Jul 2005
I am an artisit, and I like to have things that look nice, there are too many that look like crap. If you like the minimalistic look that open the code and take out the image and reduce it, but if you like good looking widgets stay tuned, my site has widets that don't follow the norm.

Anonymous reviewed on 10 Jun 2005
I don't think it's all that big. Would be cool if the Satellite Image could actually load into the widget though. Also maybe an option to select how many links to previous advisories you want it to display.
[Version 1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 Jun 2005
I agree with the previous revew - the thing is too big - especially for what it delivers.

I could see the thing being so huge if it actually tracked the hurricane ON the widget - but to merely link to images that have to be viewed with a browser?!

This one needs some serious upgrades before it is useful. I'll skip the step of going to dashboard and go straight to my browser - that's where this widget ends up sending you anyway!
[Version 1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Jun 2005
Nice widget but we need widget developers to STOP being artists. Thse things are getting HUGE. (CNN's widget is a big fat advertisement).

This widget works well but uses about 80 pixles more than it needs to just for decorative space. That is enough room to keep Apples dictionary widget open TWICE.

Things really can look better when they are clean, uncluttered, and MINIMAL (look at apples whole design philosophy).

So come on guys, lets shrink those widgets!!!
[Version 1.0]

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Version Downloads:4,033
Type:Utilities : Screen Savers
Date:07 Jul 2005
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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Hurricane Tracker is a Dashboard widget that streams news about Atlantic ocean tropical storms.

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