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Desktop Wrap is an AppleScript applet that gives you some additional destop icon arrangement functionality in Mac OS X 10.4 or later
What's New
Version 1.6:
  • corrects a problem for customizing icon positions when disk icons outnumber other icons.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

MacUpdate - Desktop Wrap

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Desktop Wrap User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 15 Nov 2005
Thank you for the information -- I have a better understanding of how Desktop Wrapper works now. I really appreciate the personalized reply here :) Thank you! And, thanks for the newest release to clear up that scary error message.

Question ---
for future releases, is it possible to add an option under "Sort by" for "none" ? I end up with a lot of little files stored on the desktop temporarily, and use the left side of the screen to keep them organized; it would be very useful to have something that emulates the Finder's "Clean up" command, but uses Desktop Wrapper's grid & column settings.
[Version 1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Oct 2005
I don't seem to be getting a complete install. When I launch the program, I get only a partial view of the application screen.

Am I doing something wrong when trying to install the program? ... with no installer included, I have tried a few variations of copy-paste to a folder on my machine:

/Applications-Mine/**Downloads - Testing/

Does Desktop Wrap need to be installed into a specific location?
Is there an installer script that I am missing?

Next comment:
Once I get a bug-free installation running, is there a way that I can clean up my icons without sorting by anything? I keep my icons separated with frequently-used aliases on the left of the screen, and hard drives and printers on the right of the screen, with various items manually placed in columns in the middle of my screen. The first time I tried using Desktop Wrap, I couldn't figure out how to create neat columns without also sorting by some property - which isn't useful for me.

Please, share your secrets, oh wise-and-mighty developer!
[Version 1.3]

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Anonymous commented on 06 Nov 2005
You don't need an installer. Desktop Wrap will even run from the disk image that contains it if you like.

If you want to clean up without sorting, just turn on the snap to grid feature in View Options (command-j) for your desktop, arrange your icons the way you like, then run Desktop Wrap and create your custom icon setting login item/script combination using the Individual Icon Position Settings choice in the pop-up menu at the lower right corner of Desktop Wrap's screen.

If you're using 10.4.3, you'll have to get a new version of Desktop Wrap which I haven't released yet to get rid of the error message (which makes it appear that there's a problem when there really isn't). In the meantime, just OK the error dialog and Desktop Wrap proceeds normally.

Anonymous reviewed on 20 Jul 2005
Thank-you SO much!
(You just cured the case of classic-OS-DIM DTs that I've been suffering for two years. (-:)
[Version 1.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 20 Jul 2005
You have to enable GUI scripting. You can do it with the Applescript Utility in the Applescript folder of your Applications folder, or you can do it in the Universal Access Preference Pane (Enable Access for Assistive Devices).

I'll try to handle this requirement in the next version.
[Version 1.2]


Ron Hamelin commented on 20 Jul 2005
Does anyone know why I keep getting permission denied errors when I try to save my original desktop?

I'm also getting "can't make file Macintosh...." into alias.

I'm stuck
[Version 1.1]

3 Replies

Leland (developer) replied on 20 Jul 2005
That seems as though it might be related to disk permissions. Have you tried repairing disk permissions?

Please email me with whatever details you can, and I will try to find answers. Thanks.
Leland (developer) replied on 20 Jul 2005
Version 1.1 apparently requires 10.4.2. I let that one get by me. If upgrading to 10.4.2 doesn't solve your problems, please email me.
Anonymous commented on 20 Jul 2005
I think this error may be due to your user Library folder or the Scripts folder in your user Library folder being locked, because that's where the generated script is saved. Repairing disk permissions should fix that. I've isolated several problems with the 1.1 release, I believe. Version 1.2 is on the way. Thanks.

Anonymous reviewed on 21 May 2005
nice, but could you please add an option that would order the items by kind, and only one kind per column, so one column with pictures, one with movies, one with folder, etc...
[Version 1.0]

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Anonymous commented on 20 Jul 2005
This is a fairly unique request, I think, and I'm not sure it's really within the scope of Desktop Wrap. But you could implement that sort of customization yourself if you choose Individual Icon Positions from the Login item pop-up menu when you save the Login item. Just put the icons where you want them and save the login item whenever you add or reorganize icons.

Anonymous reviewed on 20 May 2005
Thank you! Finally, something to help arrange those icons which somehow manage to move themselves all over the place with each new file addition or mounted disc.
[Version 1.0]

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Version Downloads:2,126
Type:Utilities : Desktop
Date:04 Feb 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Desktop Wrap is an AppleScript applet that gives you some additional destop icon arrangement functionality in Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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