LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite
LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite


LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite free download for Mac

LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite

08 January 2020

Simple image editor.


LiveQuartz is a simple and powerful photo editor based on non-destructive layers and filters. The layers are at the left and the filters are at the right of the window.

To edit a photo, just drag it into the window (or layers list) and it will be added as a new layer. LiveQuartz handles multi-touch trackpads. You can watch a screencast of LiveQuartz in the help menu or on this page, where the screenshots are located on the right

LiveQuartz Lite can export or print one image per day (export, copy, drag-and-drop, print, etc.). You can remove this limitation by upgrading to the unlimited version and fully enjoy the application. A dialog will appear in the app when you hit the limit.

What's new in LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite

Version 2.8.7:
  • Using the magnifying glass while doing a multi-clic selection with lasso is now possible
  • New Affine Tile filter
  • New Inner Shadow parameter available on shadow filter. This could be a great effect on Text layers. (be careful when sharing LiveQuartz documents: a document having a shadow filter from 2.8.6 and beyond will not open on older LiveQuartz’s versions)
Bug fixes:
  • Background grid display issues are now fixed
  • Fixing Command-Alt behaviour (move and cut)
  • Filter tool is now disabled when a disabled layer is selected or if its filter is disabled
  • Layers having transform and filters generating images of infinite size (example: Tile filters) were not rendered correctly due to cache issues. This is a partial bug fix. The final image is not affected by these bugs
  • The filter tool (spirale) point position was not refreshed after changing the window zoom
  • With certain filters needing images as parameters, the composition image was not refreshed after dropping images to the parameter setting

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29 June 2011

Most helpful

Good app: easy to use and efficient. Some features lacking, but nothing serious... and you can't beat the price. For my basic needs, couldn't see myself buying Pixelmator.
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Version 1.9
14 January 2015
This is the first free-priced application. I hope that is only a mistake :-)
Version 2.4.4
13 January 2015
Please update to reflect that Lite version is free, and Unlimited version is $6.99.
Version 2.4.3
22 February 2012
Might want to update that description! "LiveQuartz is a simple and powerful free photo editor for Leopard"
29 June 2011
Good app: easy to use and efficient. Some features lacking, but nothing serious... and you can't beat the price. For my basic needs, couldn't see myself buying Pixelmator.
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Version 1.9
09 December 2010
Yes, it doesn't have too many features, and at first sight, it isn't the most beautiful image editor – but, as far as I am concerned, it is the quickest and easiest way for some basic image editing. There are indeed some clumsy things (handles, etc.) but I can forgive those, as the overall UI is very well done.
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Version 1.9
05 September 2009
Excellent to make quickly images montage ! Thanks !
Version 1.8.3
27 December 2007
This app is a diamond in the rough. Great retouching features. Needs a magic wand tool or some sort of magnetic lasso. Would also like to see an easy red-eye tool as well as blue, green and yellow eye tool for pets that few apps have. Undo remembers too much, though this is not always a bad thing, it would be nice to be able to have a "macro undo" and a "micro undo". This app deserves much more publicity!
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Version 1.7.1
02 September 2006
I do like the interface but find it quite limiting. It is a free utility so I didn't expect a lot of features. Resizing a photo and cropping is no simple task with this software. The software has got potential though.
Version 1.6.2
28 April 2006
Positives: * choice of complex or simple interface * underlying functionality of this program is excellent Negatives: * clumsy interface, needs to be streamlined * undo system records too many steps Summary: I really like this program. They have the foundation of a killer app here. Lots of ability for various image manipulations. Unfortunately, the interface is really holding it back right now.
Version 1.6
08 April 2006
Lots of potential, but not very usable at the moment. Slow...very slow. I am running a dual 1.8 G5 and working at all in a zoomed state is intolerable. It also has some very easy to find bugs lurking just under the surface. Example Steps: 1. Select the line tool. 2. Start drawing a line and drag a length. 3. Move the end point around the canvas. 4. Select UNDO from the edit menu. Result: Each position the end point moved to is recorded and must be undone individually. I would suggest doing everything possibly to tighten up the speed on this program and fix obvious bugs. It "feels" like it is spending a lot of cycles doing nothing or doing too much when nothing needs to be done. Please keep working on it and I look forward to another release.
Version 1.5.2