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Widget for some network stats.   Free
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Network Stat displays the Name of your current Network-Location, your LAN- and your WAN-IP. The Features:
  • display the current Location
  • change your Location right in the Widget
  • display your internal IPs, along with an Icon of the Interface
  • display your "real" Internet-IP
  • send notification emails whenever your IP changes
  • click on any desired info to copy it to your
What's New
Version 1.5.2:
  • New IP check URL
  • Fixes for Snow Leopard and Lion
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Network Stat User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Zirynx reviewed on 27 Oct 2006
Truly excellent, useful and informative widget. And it's free! I've recently downloaded and tried out a number of similar style dash widgets and this is the one that I've warmed to more than any of the others.

Crucially, it has a really sensible range of update/refresh options, from minutes to hours, as well a manual 'update now' button. Others that I have tried either update too frequently (automatically on activation) or too infrequnetly, resulting in incorrect information displayed, which can't easily be overidden, without restarting the widget. This particularly a problem if, like me, you are mobile and moving around different departments or company locations. The WAN IP history is great too.

I have one feature request, relating to update/refresh control that for me, would make it really complete. That is a checkbox/option to update automatically after wake from sleep. This is almost always when my IP changes and at the moment, a click on the 'manual update' button id required.

Although 'update on activation' is available, it's not ideal and in fact, you do not recommended it, which is understandable. But 'auto refresh on wake from sleep' would be great! Any thoughts Mr. Developer?

By the way, what is the 'animation bug' introduced with 10.4.7? I don't see anything wrong, but I am a new user of your widget, and so don't have prior experience.

Thanks again for a really great widget!

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SanHolo (developer) replied on 05 Nov 2006

Thank you for that review. I like your idea and if it`s possible to determine from a Dashboard-Widget whether the Mac just woke from sleep I`ll implement that - or find a way around it. =)

The "animation"-Bug prevents the widget from displaying "checking..." and other information while it does check. This is due to optimizations in the WebKit and I`m optimistic that this bug will soon be ironed out.
SanHolo (developer) replied on 04 Jan 2007
The feature "update after sleep" is definitively coming in the next release. Thank you for the idea.
Zirynx replied on 11 Jan 2007
That's great news! I have been wondering how progress has been, so it's great to hear back that it will be included.

As for the idea, you're very welcome! Having the idea was the easy part :-) but you are doing the difficult part of implementing it, for which we should all be grateful!

Once again, thanks very much for working on the feature and also, for taking the time to report information back to this review thread.
Zirynx commented on 19 Jan 2007
Hi there. Just downloaded 1.5 and am pleased to see that the update from sleep function seems to work just fine!. Thank you. If you don't mind me saying so, I would have preferred the option to enable (for my portables) or disable (for my desktops) this feature, such as a checkbox called 'refresh on wake from sleep' near to 'refresh on activation'. It's a small point, and in any case, perhaps you thought it was such a good idea that everyone should have it. :-)

I don't miss the IPv6 or broadcast information, but I do miss the DNS data. Was this removal intentional or an accident? In some locations/configurations, my DNS data is sourced from the gateway but in others, it is configured explicitly. Therefore, I do miss that information very much :-(

I really like the option to show all interfaces, including those that are inactive. However, in expanded view, there is now a lot of information listed vertically, and it drops off the screen!

Therefore, may I make one more suggestion/request, please?! That is, the option to show all the information in a nominally horizontal window? Each interface (or section of data) would be displayed left to right, in it's own 'column', with it's IPv4 and 'Other' information vertically, in the rows just below it. Therefore, Config, Name, Type, would all be on the same row for each interface and would make it much much easier to read, or scan quickly, especially when lots of information is displayed at one time. Of course, most screens are also wider than they are tall, so I think might work well.

Hope you don't mind me making the suggestion. What do you think about it?

Regards, John
SanHolo (developer) replied on 19 Jan 2007
Hello John.

Of course I don't mind your suggestions, I love to get feedback. ;)

I would like to discuss this via email, if that's okay for you. Drop me one at, so I can reply you. =)

Anonymous reviewed on 18 May 2005
It would be much more useful for me (by the way. it is a very nice widget :) if it could also display pertinent network info such as comma separated dns servers (per interface), and gateway/router ip (per interface).

I'm just sayin'... Great work though!
[Version 1.2]


Nick Crawford reviewed on 18 May 2005
Nice little widget, very handy, simple interface, and I love the "retro" style :)3
[Version 1.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 May 2005
Works and is for free - thanks!
[Version 1.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 May 2005
Nice widget. Decent looking (even has an option UI design).

My only beef is that it uses the CURL command-line app to initiate a HTTP request to to determine your WAN IP address instead of examining the configuration of the box (albeit some config would be required) or using a website a little less obscure (such as
[Version 1.1]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 12 May 2005
Hmmm, I don`t know where you got that URI from, but it gets your IP actually from "". =)

Thanks for the props.
Zirynx replied on 27 Oct 2006
Actually "" **is** "". They resolve to the same IP address.

"" is the address that Little Snitch reports when Network Stat makes an outgoing connection to update the widget information.

By the way, I really like this widget, it has a great selction of useful information centrally located at a button press. Sincere thanks for making it available.
I have one feature request, but I will put that forward as a seoarate post.
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Version Downloads:1,202
Type:Games : Puzzle
Date:04 Nov 2011
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Network Stat displays the Name of your current Network-Location, your LAN- and your WAN-IP. The Features:
  • display the current Location
  • change your Location right in the Widget
  • display your internal IPs, along with an Icon of the Interface
  • display your "real" Internet-IP
  • send notification emails whenever your IP changes
  • click on any desired info to copy it to your Clipboard
  • ping any desired IP
  • shows your IPv4, config-type, gateway, netmask, SSID, WLAN-channel, Proxy-settings, BSD-name, type, MAC-address and DNS servers
  • automatically updates the Info, based on your preferences; manual refresh possible
  • Three different flavours available, simply switch them via Preferences
In the default view you'll see a countdown timer telling you when the next refresh will happen at the top of the widget, on the right hand side is a button to do a manual refresh. Click the timer to see the date of the last refresh. Just below is a house-icon and your current Network-Location. Click the house to change your location.

Below that is - for every (active) network interface - an Icon for the interface and the assigned IP. Click the Icon to toggle the expanded information.

At the bottom of the widget is your "real" Internet IP. Click the globe-icon to see a list of your last IPs and the ping results.

There are many options in the preferences. There you can choose from 3 different skins, supply some email addresses so the widget can send you a notification if your IP changes, and other options.

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