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09 May 2005

For X-Spat DSP Expansions.


IMEASY-X for X-Spat DSP Expansions


  • Create, edit and control up to eight 3D independent trajectories (paths), one for each input source with mute, solo and loop options.
  • Trajectories cut, copy and paste.
  • MIDI send and receive on each node of any trajectory.
  • Asynchronous trajectories remote control via MIDI.
  • Time Editor Window with 8 different kind of interactive markers: Start, Stop, Generic Marker, Jump to Marker, Jump to Time, MIDI, Fade In and Fade Out; Markers control from computer keyboard with shortcuts.
  • Storyboard Window for cue lists and Markers setup review.
  • Spatializer Outputs (speakers) X,Y and Z position control with gain correction and Bell Factor.
  • Open GL Display View Window with 3 different editing tools: Move Objects, Move Node, Draw Trajectory; Perspective, Side, Front and Top view windows.
  • Two World Coordinate Systems.
  • MIDI Record Position settings available on each MIDI port (record trajectories from external controller or softwares through IAC Bus).
  • Send and receive of MIDI Time Code at 24, 25, 30 and 30drop frame per second.
  • Bound to Stage option; support for trajectories beyond the perimeter created by real speakers positions.
  • TheBat 3D USB Controller compatibility.

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