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USA doppler radar widget.   Free
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DoppleViewer is a widget that displays a Doppler radar image feeds from the National Weather Service for any location in the United States.
What's New
Version 1.7.7:
  • Corrected the "More Info" link.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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DoppleViewer User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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rlflyboy reviewed on 02 Oct 2007
I have found this widget a very useful tool. It is insalled on my tiger equipped iBook G4 laptops (2).

I have zero problems and thank the author for this great widget
[Version 1.7.3]

Matthew M. Swann (developer) commented on 06 Jul 2006
Please delete the old preference file in your user folder at Library/Preferences/widget-com.swannman.widget.doppleviewer.plist.
[Version 1.5]

A. Busbey commented on 06 Jul 2006
I have installed the new DoppleViewer 1.5 on three machines, a G5 dual 2ghz tower, a G4 17 inch PB and a DualCore iMac - all with 10.4.7 and in all cases it crashes during loading.
[Version 1.5]

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jump420 commented on 06 Jul 2006
yes it crashes with 10.4.7
LRHann commented on 05 Jul 2006
As of 7/4/06 or so, DoppleViewer 1.4 now says:

"You have linked to, or downloaded an image from

National Weather Service radar images
are no longer available on these servers."

I hope DV is repaired soon - it's got a lot of wow factor when I show people my MacBook Pro's features.

As the previous reviewer noted, it would be great to have the option of loading animated loops to see the motion.

Still, a great Widget! Thanks, Swannman.

[Version 1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Jun 2005
Sorry Charlie.

This is a neat widget but no more different than a webcam viewer. I went to the National weather service. I put in my City and pulled up the Short Range Reflectivity. I copied the Image address. I then pasted it into the SlothCam Widget. This sounds like no big deal but when I did this I realized that the SlothCam Widget was updating the images before the images on the National Weather Service website. I had one image that was available 6 minutes before it was available on the website.

This is no slight to DoppleViewer 1.4 or any other version. I just though people may be interested in this. Perhaps you could add when we want it to update. Otherwise I will be using my SlothCam to view this and alos in almost full screen.

[Version 1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 May 2005
Very cool widget. Its nice to have both this widget and the weather widget open for more advanced weather information. It has a limited number of cities, but the maps are quite large and include a lot of the surrounding area. It would be nice if this was a animated widget though, and you could actually view say the last hour or two, instead of just a single screen shot.
[Version 1.2]


jump420 had trouble on 06 Jul 2006
doesn't work for me either on 10.4.7 G5 PPC
[Version 1.5]


tomjwright had trouble on 06 Jul 2006
The latest version of this widget closes immediately after opening on my G5 iMac running OS 10.4.7. This happens every time I try to launch it.
[Version 1.5]

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Date:26 Jan 2009
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DoppleViewer is a widget that displays a Doppler radar image feeds from the National Weather Service for any location in the United States.

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