0.7.2 24 Jan 2009

Fast image viewer coded in Cocoa.


Developer website: Elliot Glaysher

VitaminSEE is an image viewer for Mac OS X that focuses on interface responsiveness and speed.


  • VitaminSEE is quick. I've strived to make this the fastest image viewer available for the Mac.
  • VitaminSEE automatically thumbnails your images. These thumbnails are used not only by VitaminSEE, but also by the Finder.
  • VitaminSEE allows you to quickly organize your pictures into different directories with it's integrated Sort Manager.
  • VitaminSEE allows you to quickly tag your pictures with keywords.

What's New

Version 0.7.2:
  • Turns off feedback and autoupdate; this stops you crazy users from DDOSing
  • This release is more of a dump of everything that I've had in my local copy for years and is probably the final release by me.
  • [bugfix] Make VitaminSEE sort files like the Finder does. This will sort non-roman characters properly and will compare numbers as actual values instead of literal strings.
  • [bugfix] Deleting the last image in a directory will select the new last file instead of selecting no file.
  • [bugfix] Theoretically fix crashes where VitaminSEE and a haxie both try to work with the resource fork of a file. I'm not sure if this is fixed because I'm not sure what combinations of haxies cause this.
  • [bugfix] Hide other VitaminSEE windows when VitaminSEE goes into Fullscreen. This fixes the bug where a person could open two VitaminSEE windows, make one fullscreen, expose to the other window, and then make that fullscreen (which confuses VitaminSEE).
  • [bugfix] Fix longstanding issue with zooming, where VitaminSEE claims to be zooming to actual size, but is actually resizing the image down by two or three pixels.
  • [bugfix] Correct typo in the Fullscreen File List palette.
  • [bugfix] Remember the size and location of the first window open. This needs to be fixed for real, but this is better then nothing...
  • Add statusbar, moving information from right underneath the file list to the new status bar. The new status bar also displays the zoom ratio.


Mac OS X 10.4 or later


Current Version (0.x)


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24 Jan 2009
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