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Mail Act-On

25 June 2019

Map customized email rules and actions to Act-On keys.


If you are running Mojave you need to install our new MailSuite app to get Mail Act-On functionality. With Mojave, we have consolidated our 4 plugins into a single product with a single installer. You do not have to install all components of MailSuite if you only want to use Mail Act-On but you do have to do the installation through the MailSuite app.

Mail Act-On is the powerful enhancement to Apple's Mail Application that puts organization at your fingertips. Use Mail Act-On to create rules to perform actions on messages by responding to simple keystrokes. Create Outbox rules to automatically add headers and set the archive mailboxes of sent mail. Mail Act-On is the indispensable tool for anyone who needs to manage their mail more efficiently.

What's new in Mail Act-On

Version 4.1.6:

Note: Although Finder indicates that this is version 1.0, the developer states that this is version 4.1.6

  • OS Support Displays information about Mojave.
  • New Show full path checkbox in composer archive option now remembered between usage.
  • Fixed Stability issue when composing/deliverying messages
  • Fixed Code sign issues with Sparkle Helper
  • Fixed Issue with displaying key glyphs
  • Fixed Registration code not sticking in some instances.
  • Fixed Multiple copies of messages delivered/in outbox after modifying delay date after initial delivery

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10 April 2014

Most helpful

constantly has to update, and buying software from this dev is only really renting, as it is only supported for a year or so before you are force to update and pay another steep upgrade fee ($15 or so) I did like the feature of the app, but will be holding out for when mailbox comes to osx soon, which will essentially be doing the same thing but with more and better features
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Version 3.0.2
19 September 2019
Note: The Download link above is for the last independent release of Mail Act-On (4.1.6). If you want the latest release (5.0.8 as I write this), it's part of the new MailSuite bundle of 4 Mail add-ons. MailSuite:
Version 4.1.6
07 January 2019
I've used Mail ActOn for several years. It's an essential addition to Mail. In Fall 2018 I began using the beta version of Mailsuite and planned to purchase the $30 upgrade whenever it's available. But the beta version has stopped working and states that my "30-day trial" has ended. I've included my registration info to re-register, but that crashes Mail. I've submitted a ticket, but I'm not optimistic that I'll get a reply. I would have sent a DM in Twitter, but it looks like their Twitter feed has been unused for over a year. Does anyone know if this company is still in business and still plans on releasing Mailsuite?
Version 4.1.6
1 answer(s)
25 June 2019
Yes, the company is in business and I am using Mailsuite. I do get replies from support.

There were some initial bugs with Mailsuite but several updates later it's working quite well.
14 December 2018
Mail Act-On 4 is not compatible with macOS 10.14, and Mail Act-On 5 (which is compatible with macOS 10.14) is not available as separate software but only in a package with some other pieces of software (which I find mainly uninteresting). This new package is called MailSuite and costs a whopping $60. This means that the makers of Mail Act-On have effectively doubled the price for this software (at least for new customers; previous customers can upgrade for $30 or in some cases also for free). That's quite hefty.
Version 4.1.6
05 November 2018
Not yet compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave... Regretting the upgrade without checking my most used tools.
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Version 4.1.6
01 February 2017
If I already have tools that move messages for me, do I need this? The possibilities elude me.
Version 4.0.2
15 July 2016
This is one of the few utilities that I not only *use* every day but that I often am *thankful* for every day. That is, I say "thank goodness" for this tool and it's ability to do so many tasks more quickly and more easily than I could have otherwise. I absolutely would not want to use Apple Mail without Mail Act-on. Get it.
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Version 3.2.7
26 April 2016
"Indev Software and Little Known Software have joined forces to form SmallCubed." from:
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Version 3.2.4
13 January 2016
So good, Apple should hire them to work on the Mail app.
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Version 3.2.3
11 March 2015
I like the Indev mail plugins and the missing functionality they provide. Seems stable and really very useful. I would very much like to see Mail Act-On to allow for icon inclusion in the tool bar for various functionalities. Much in the same way Mail Tags can be accessed.
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Version 3.1.3
24 November 2014
Although not mentioned in MUD's description, Mail Act-On 3 adds the ability to schedule delivery of outgoing mail. Perfect for slowing down an over-eager correspondent AND definitely worth the $15 I just paid for the upgrade. An essential plugin just became more essential.
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Version 3.1.1