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18 January 2006

Schedule recordings in iTeleRecord.


TV2iCal is a collection of scripts to schedule recordings in iTele with the help of iCal and TV-Browser. It was developed to make use of the great iCal interface for managing scheduled recordings. It goes beyond what iTeleRecord does.

The iCal-iTele integration can also be used without TV-Browser. Just try importing your existing scheduled recordings from iTele, modify them, add new ones and write them back.

Warning: The iCal2iTele script replaces all iTele recordings. Be sure to use iTele2iCal first if you have used iTele itself to schedule recordings previously

What's new in TV2iCal

Version 1.2:
  • iCal2iTele and iTele2iCal
    • on Mac OS X 10.4 Late Night Software's Property List Tools is no longer required
    • code unification and cleanup; may have fixed some bugs
    • completely rewritten corrections for recurring events
    • iCal2iTele now checks if iTele is running or recording and (optionally) starts iTele after exporting is complete
    • iTele2iCal now imports start and end dates that were saved incorrectly by iTele
  • TVB2iCal
    • compatible with TV-Browser 2
    • documentation updated accordingly (see below)
    • code unification and cleanup
    • bug fixes
  • rename iTele Recordings via iCal lookup
    • this new tool takes iTele recordings, looks for each event in iCal and renames the file accordingly
    • it's a bit smart about errors but not very much so :)
    • iTele's Recording Names need to be set up correctly for this (see below)

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