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28 August 2008

Sets away message for IM clients and more.


MacArthur is an application that keeps your buddy icon and status message up-to-date with whatever you want to monitor. It sets the away message on one or more chat clients at the same time. It looks up the location and title of the next event in specified iCal calendars, and offers that as the text of your away message (but you can override that by typing whatever you want). It also allows you to set all of your supported chat clients status as "available" at once when you return. MacArthur also looks up external information (such as the Homeland Security Status for the USA) and updates the status message and your user icon based on that info combined with your Available/Away status. This gives you the ability to use one set of icons when you are available, and another set when you are away. Supported clients for the interactive setting of status and messages are: iChat, Adium, AOL Instant Messanger, Yahoo! Messanger, and Proteus. Partially supported clients are MSN Messenger, Fire, and IRC in a terminal window. Supported clients for the automatic setting of icon and messages based on external data are: iChat, Adium, and the Terminal application.

What's new in MacArthur

Version 3.8: Updated the code to work with Adium 1.3

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