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17 May 2005

Manipulate QT file via Tcl/Tk.


This is a so called extension to the  Tcl/Tk scripting language that provides simple bindings to QuickTime on the Mac and Windows. With just a few lines of code you get access to the main parts in QuickTime, and can do amazing things  without writing any C code. Every window you see above are made in Tcl/Tk. The Tcl/Tk language is fairly complete so you can start writing your own applications.

The main features of this package are:

  • Simple playback of audio and video in a movie widget; for instance, play mp3, view VR panoramas, most video and sound formats, streaming live content from a broadcaster, shockwave/flash, etc. Remote (URL) connections can be made asynchronously.
  • A sequence grabber widget that previews and captures video and audio from an external source, such as a Web camera or a DV video camera, via the serial port, USB, or FireWire.
  • Editing commands, such as cut, copy and paste, both on complete movies and down to individual tracks. Video effects through dialogs.
  • Versatile methods for making movies from individual images, supporting sequence compression, usage of all appropriate QT codecs, compression levels, key frame rate etc.
  • All available video effects in a single line of code.
  • Exporting to a number of audio/video formats via dialogs.
  • Most still image formats are supported implicitly by QuickTimeTcl but via Tk's own image widget.

...and many more things. The package is completely integrated into Tcl/Tk so you can use a movie widget just as any Tk widget.

What's new in QuickTimeTcl

Version 3.1b5:
  • added a pause before stop in sequence grabber since otherwise could hang
  • switched back to VC6 build environmant on Windows due to problem with standard C lib versions.
  • fixed instability issue on Windows when exiting.

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