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Image enhancement for RAW and JPEG files.   Demo ($169.00)
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DxO Optics Pro is a unique application that automatically increases the quality of images taken with supported Digital SLRs and Bridge Cameras, whether in JPEG or RAW format. To see supported and planned lens/camera combinations, please view this page.

DxO Optics Pro comes in two editions: Standard and Elite, for $169 and $299, respectively. Check out the differences between Standard and Elite here.
What's New
Version 9.1.4:

New Cameras Supported:

  • Nikon D4S
  • Sony A5000
  • GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition
  • Leica X Vario (Type 107)
  • Photoshop no longer treats JPEG and TIFF images generated by DxO Optics Pro as RAW files when the "Preserve metadata data in XMP sidecars for RAW images" option is activated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6 or later

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DxO Optics Pro User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 9.x:
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B. Jefferson Le Blanc commented on 27 Feb 2014
You can get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for less and get support for just about every camera available. Is there a significant advantage to DxO Optics Pro that makes it preferable despite the cameras it does not support?
[Version 9.1.3]

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Essadee replied on 27 Feb 2014
Depends entirely on the camera and sensor honestly. I don't know how DxO lines up but CaptureOne and SilkyPix do a much better job with Fujifilm's X-Trans sensor for example. Aperture does a Good Job and Adobe does a Fair Job but a lot of that is subjective.

For the type of photography I do LightRoom is acceptable and about to improve with ACR 8.4. I think if I were not invested in anything at present and evaluating LR/DxO/SP/C1, I'd be including the cost of presets/styles that I were interested in too, since from the looks of it DxO offers several styles (presets) that are pretty good/trendy and without the price-tag of VSCO or similar.

Garytmg replied on 28 Feb 2014
They have a trial version you can download, so you can evaluate it with some of your own image files.

Porpentine commented on 15 Jan 2014
Excellent software but please note that $99 becomes £79 in the UK rather than the £60.50 it should be at this exact moment. Yes they are adding VAT but that still does not add up.
[Version 9.1.2]


Essadee commented on 25 Oct 2013
Still no X-Trans sensor support? Really?

There is a non-trivial number of us. Even Apple figured that out.
[Version 9.0.0]

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Pusfarm replied on 04 Dec 2013
I just bought this from Amazon because DxO requires a credit card (which I have, I'm just not very trusting, in this case of a processor in Belgium I've never heard of) and I got tired of getting redirected to their French-language site, but while I was corresponding with their support about it I asked about future X-Trans support (as a potential gift for a friend; I shoot Pentax). I didn't get an answer to the question, but the reply said it's not supported. Don't know if that means it never will be or just not currently.

Unrelated to that issue, I activated the license tonight and was irritated to find that they have mandatory registration before your software will activate. I don't buy or use software that forces registration. Could have used bogus info, but since my license is tied to it I didn't think using the name "Mr. F**k You" was wise.

droscar commented on 24 Oct 2013
Version 9.0 now available at the developer's site.
[Version 8.3.2]


Poppayanke commented on 17 Jul 2013
Unfortunately, still no support for Fujifilm x100(s), xpro1, etc.
[Version 8.3.0]



Paoloz reviewed on 28 May 2013
This not a review, I just wanted to point out that I don't have this product but was interested so I checked the store. Price is NOT 99 USD, but 169, or for europeans is 149 EUR.
99 USD could be an interesting price, while 149 Eur is totally not
also because 169 USD should be about 130 EUR and being developed in Germany the EUR overcharge is simply absurd.

Please correct the price and remove this, as I don't have tried it.
[Version 8.1.4]

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MacUpdate-Jess replied on 06 Jun 2013
Paoloz, as of 6 June 2013, the prices in the DxO Labs store--when accessed from the United States--are exactly as quoted in our listing: $99US for the Standard edition, $199US for the Elite.

Paoloz replied on 07 Jun 2013
There's the "Summer Promo" rebate. Still puzzling about $99 made it to 99Eur, whilst should be 75 nowadays. 25% overcharge for europeans. Wonder if I'll bounce via proxy.

Abbott replied on 17 Jul 2013
He does have a point, though. The license price depends on what camera model you have. If DxO considers it to be a 'pro' camera, you must buy the more expensive license. And if you decide to upgrade your camera your camera from what DxO considers "non-pro" to a "DxO pro" body, you're going to have to upgrade your license as well. That's why I stopped using DxO Optics.


Patoche reviewed on 17 Jan 2013
With this new version, DXO support my new Sony RX1....and the results....wouaw...
Love the results with the default preset, the more I use DXO 8, the more I take pleasure developping my files.
Very good work DXO, thanks.
[Version 8.1.2]



Wolfak reviewed on 31 Oct 2012
It "was" a great app during my days with Canon G11. But after buying the Fujifilm Finepix X10 a year ago I can't use it because there is still no support for that camera. It was announced for May 2012, but I wait and wait...
[Version 8.0.0]


Titou reviewed on 05 Dec 2011
great soft with a lot advanced features for light & colour control. I specially love the "pre-set" feature, to apply to a bunch of RAW images the same filters and also the fact that it "knows" all my lenses. for someone who takes a lot of RAW pictures it's worth every penny!
[Version 7.0]



Rkamper reviewed on 27 Jun 2011
Great app! I bought a Canon G12 and wanted to learn Raw Processing after many years of shooting only jpeg. After struggling with Aperture 3 and then ARC I got frustrated with the result. No matter how much I tried I couldn't get it right without too much fiddling around. I tried Raw Developer, Lightroom and Digital Photo Professional too, but couldn't settle with any of them. Then I downloaded DxO Optics Pro and played around with it for a few hours. I decided to perform a test. I selected 100 shots taken in various light conditions and developed each in all six apps. Then I selected what appeared to me to be the best result (without knowing the actual app). 70% of my selections turned out to be from DxO and the rest distributed almost evenly among the other apps! That convinced me to buy DxO and I never do RAW development in any of the other apps. After having processed the images in DxO I load the tiff's into Aperture and do some small fine tuning if necessary.
[Version 6.6]


Bertsch64 had trouble on 24 Feb 2011
Increases the CPU to over 100 % ...
when I try to develop just 3 or 4 pictures ...
[Version 6.5.4]


Patoche had trouble on 02 Sep 2009
Can not install the pace protection, unable to write to....bla bla bal directory, repeared the autorisations...no difference...
Is DXO Snow Léopard ready ?
I have an Elite licence and can not install on my Mac..arghhhh !!!
When I asked the support days ago about this problem...answer SL is not yet supported.
Yes I know I will have to write to the support, and wait and wait to have an approximate answer...
Wish I had never bought this Expensive soft...
[Version 5.3.5]

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Borlox replied on 02 Sep 2009
Your problem is caused by the outrageous Interlok rootkit that this application installs. It has to be updated to infect Snow Leopard. But don't worry -- "MIKAELF" says it's good for you.

Iamdorian had trouble on 28 Jun 2008
A small addendum to v.5.1. The problem - which appeared in the beta using the latest Apple Leopard OSX - is still with us. It did not seem to be a problem before about a month prior to the release date of the final Mac version of 5.1 (hope this helps?).

I use this application for time-lapse, primarily. This means loading 300-1500 images (usually only JPEGs) into the processing set-up window. After the last few OSX upgrades, the time to move the images into the pre-process que (for stacking) now takes about 20 minutes+ for 500 images. At 600+ images times ran into an hour or more. This is only half the problem. After running the first batch, if I try loading a set of images, Pro Elite fails. Throw away all plist files and reset permissions and I got one more batch to run. Then, crash on the next, and so on.

What gives? As it is - at least for people like me with a large batch to run - this is close to unusable.
Time to get this fixed!

And what's up with the lack of controls over the famous DxO lens softness. It seems...disabled...using JPEGs. This was one of DxO's best features.

I already bought the upgrade, so I am a "believer." However, I am starting to wonder if I made a mistake. As the last reviewer mentioned, version 4 was pretty solid. What gives? I hope the DxO gnomes are busy fixing all these -should-have-been-fixed-in-beta issues? H-E-L-P!

I am using an 8-processor Mac Pro with 16Gb of RAM and virtually unlimited hard drive space.

When I see some fixes I'll change my rating.
[Version 5.1]

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William OBrien replied on 29 Jun 2008
DxO 5.1 build 6815 will not process a Canon raw file from a 1Ds-III in a reasonable manner. Color is off, JPEG SIZE is way to low, 3 meg file from a 22 meg raw file. Most of the detail is gone. Manufacturer has been painfully slow to respond, actually they have not responded.

Any others in agreement, suggestions as to what I may have done incorrectly are welcome.

aw21 had trouble on 02 Apr 2007
Yes, DxO is great - as long as it starts up. For me (and others see http://www.dslr-forum.de/showthread.php?p=1723660), it crashes on launch randomly (always in "stub_binding_helper_interface + 18"). Tech support is not able to help. For me it is the most expensive piece of non-functional software. I cannot recommend this software since you cannot rely on it!
[Version 4.1]

FreddyD5690 rated on 12 Mar 2014

[Version 9.1.3]


Godefroyr rated on 28 Feb 2014

[Version 9.1.3]


equinoxfeatures rated on 20 Nov 2013

[Version 9.0.1]


Jam9 rated on 30 Nov 2012

[Version 8.0.0]

Titou rated on 31 Oct 2012

[Version 8.0.0]


Jam9 rated on 30 Oct 2012

[Version 7.5.4]


Jam9 rated on 25 Jun 2012

[Version 7.5.1]


Widber rated on 22 Feb 2012

[Version 7.2.1]


Godefroyr rated on 26 Jan 2012

[Version 7.2]

JDar0 rated on 26 Jan 2012

[Version 7.2]

Version Downloads:489
Type:Multimedia Design : Author Tools
Date:19 Mar 2014
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
Price: $169.00
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DxO Optics Pro is a unique application that automatically increases the quality of images taken with supported Digital SLRs and Bridge Cameras, whether in JPEG or RAW format. To see supported and planned lens/camera combinations, please view this page.

DxO Optics Pro comes in two editions: Standard and Elite, for $169 and $299, respectively. Check out the differences between Standard and Elite here.

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