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23 October 2005

Multimedia reader with a text processor.


LoopyLoopX is an universal multimedia reader with a text processor. The reader is very powerful... It can read all Quicktime formats (video and sound) & audio CD. Video can be full screen on the main monitor or a second one. You can play, pause, rewind and forward (from 1 frame to 1 minute steps). You can make a loop from A to B and shift it forward or backward. You can paste into the text whichever time, loop or file path. Later, a double click on them will force LoopyLoopX to go to that location, to loop, or to reload a media.

Thanks to its exclusive system of looping memory, LoopyLoopX never loses the thread of a talk or of a recorded conversation, whichever language is used; you listen easily to the most difficult passages, while transcribing them at your speed. Apart from its primary function of deciphering, LoopyLoopX intervenes every time its user needs to repeat a sound sequence: text learning, language laboratories, musical rehearsal. And also: 20 macros, automatic backup, find and replace, a fast browser, a simple contact sheet and story board generator.

Usually, you MUST put LoopyLoopX folder inside Applications folder. If it quits during loading, try another location (desktop etc.). I am investigating why sometimes that problem occurs with Jaguar (no problem with Panther).

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