EVDO Dormant Killer
EVDO Dormant Killer


EVDO Dormant Killer free download for Mac

EVDO Dormant Killer

23 February 2005

Keep wireless/EVDO connections up.


Keeping your connection from going dormant has always been possible with this URL, however, sometimes it is not convenient keeping your browser window open, or your browser is configured to click with every reload.

EVDOinfo.com is releasing a free application that will keep your connection from going dormant. While running, there will be small rotating text banner that you can click on. The application can be minimized to stay completely out of the way.

EVDO or Evolution Data Only, Evolution Data Optimized, often abbreviated as EVDO, EV-DO, EvDO, 1xEV-DO or 1xEvDO, is a fast wireless broadband access (3G) without needing a WiFi hotspot. You are the hotspot. You can have fast Internet access, anywhere. No need to find a hotspot. For example, get high speed Internet access in a car, train, clients, anywhere you can open your laptop.

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