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Inquire4D SUI Pack3.0

17 October 2007

Build speech user interfaces in 4D databases.


SUI Pack is a 4th Dimension plug-in which allows developers to build speech user interfaces for 4D applications. Using the speech engines that ship with Mac OS X, 4D can be enhanced to obey voice commands, speak using TTS synthesis, and even accept spoken data-entry.

SUI Pack allows the voicing of integers, dates, times, and pre-defined alpha values, and it handles normalization for you. For instance, you can say "two thirty in the afternoon" and SUI Pack will populate the time field/variable with 14:30:00.

Relative dates and times are also supported, such as "in three hours", "two weeks ago" or "this Friday".

What's new in Inquire4D SUI Pack

Version 3.0:
  • Universal Binary (runs natively with 4D v11 SQL)
  • Enhanced control of speech recognition engine
  • Enhanced control of speech synthesis engine
  • Native control of Cepstral TTS engine & SSML support
  • Supports speech recognition from an audio file
  • Supports visual cues when objects take speakable focus
  • Maximum number of command groups expanded from 10 to 99
  • Embedded language models can now be defined as optional
  • SUI_RemGroupCommand - remove a group command by its refcon
  • SUI_GetGroupNumber - get which group an utterance belongs to
  • SUI_GetSpokenByName - get an embedded spoken value by array name
  • SUI_GetRefconByName - get an embedded refcon value by array name
  • SUI_Alert and SUI_Confirm offer spoken alert/confirm dialogs

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