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MenuCalendarClock for Entourage free download for Mac

MenuCalendarClock for Entourage2.8.2

11 November 2009

Gives menu bar access to Entourage calendars.


MenuCalendarClock gives you instant access to your Entourage calendars and tasks from a menu bar icon. A monthy calendar view with your Entourage schedule is just a click away. A configurable clock is included as a free add-on.

Most features are free to use, some require a registration.


  • Adds icon with current date and/or time to the menu bar with Entourage schedule and tasks as tool tip
  • Shows each days Entourage events as tool tip of each calendar day
  • Shows daily/weekly/monthly schedule list
  • Shows list of uncompleted tasks
  • Shows calendar weeks
  • System-wide hotkey to open/close calendar drawer
  • Lots of preferences to customise look and functionality
  • Release versions are available in English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and more

The basic features can be used freely without strings attached, the advances features require a registration.

What's new in MenuCalendarClock for Entourage

Version 2.8.2:
  • Solves a Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatibility issue with the main popup menu.

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6 Reviews of MenuCalendarClock for Entourage

26 January 2005
Version: 1.6b6

Most helpful

Kept getting the spinning ball. My calendar is pretty large (6xxx items according to data file on palm). Looks cool and will likely buy if the bugs get worked out.
27 December 2009
Version: 2.8.2
MenubarCalendarClock for Entourage is absolutely fantastic! I was using IStat Menus to replace the boring and inflexible OS 10.6 menubar Time & Date, but MenubarCalendarClock for Entourage (MCC) is a HUGE improvement because it enables me to easily and quickly check my ToDo list and scheduled events WITHOUT OPENING ENTOURAGE (with one minor caveat, explained below)! That's a terrific feature because IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO QUICKLY CHECK MY CALENDAR AND TODO LIST USING ONLY ENTOURAGE, which takes about 45 seconds to launch after clicking its dock icon (a full minute after rebooting), then another click to get to my Calendar, then more clicks to read each full Event phrase (because only very short phrases are displayed entirely when the ToDo list is open to the right of the Calendar), then even more clicks to switch to my ToDos and read each one. On the other hand, MCC ENABLES ME TO VIEW UP TO TWO WEEKS OF BOTH MY CALENDAR & TODO LIST AT ONCE and read each one in its entirety without having to click on it because all Event and ToDo phrases wrap around to list fully. After my first click on MCC's menubar date/time display (which is customizable) to make my Calendar and ToDo list drop down in a new window, all I have to do is scroll through them using my mouse's scroll wheel, the up/down keys, or the scrollbar arrows. When I'm finished, MCC's drop-down calendar & Events/ToDo lists window can be setup to disappear (return to its normal menubar date/time display) in one of 3 ways: After a designated interval; when clicking on another application; or not at all (leaving it open until it's manually clicked again). This app is highly customizable, uses very few system resources, and just WORKS. And it's well-priced at $19.95. It would be better priced at $15, but I can suffer $20 (though any more than that and I wouldn't buy it). My only gripes about MCC are: 1) I wish I could create and delete events and ToDos right in MCC, but I guess that would be copywrite infringement; 2) I'd like to be able to change the font and color of the list of events and ToDos; 3) If Entourage is closed, when MCC checks for changes in Entourage Events, Tasks and ToDos it half-opens Entourage to do so. The Entourage startup chime chimes, the Dock icon appears at half its normal brightness, and none of its windows open.To fully open or close it I must click its icon again. But I had Entourage closed for a reason, and it's annoying to have to close it manually every time. I could simply set the pref to check for Entourage changes Manually, but that defeats the MCC's purpose to some degree (granted, a small degree). It's probably the only way it can check Entourage for changes, but still. Can't MCC be coded to just close Entourage after half-opening it, or maybe even make that a new preference? (2.4 GHz CORE2Duo Unibody Aluminum MacBook with 4 GB RAM and running OS 10.6.2 and Entourage Web Service Edition v. 13.0.3.
20 February 2006
Version: 2.2
Very nice app. Does what it is intended to do. It has now replace iClock in my menu bar...I know, they're not the same, but iClock was getting way too buggy for me!
18 August 2005
Version: 2.1
FYi, the developer of this product has been around for a number of years. So I don't think this program falls into your category of calendar-developers-who-disappear...
24 February 2005
Version: 1.6.4
Choosing an paying a shareware fee for a clock replacement for Apple's date & time preference is in my opinion getting similar to accepting an invitation to dance in a mine field. Most are overpriced for what they do and many are unstable or lack the one feature you most desire when they meet the other criteria you want. Soon after you pay the shareware fee many seem to disappear after an update or two or be sold off to someone else who then wants to stick you for another fee. Freeware versions seem to transform into expensive shareware versions after they promise not to. Finally when you finally find a usable basic simple product that does what you want it to do and pay your fee, the developer almost always feels that they have to come out with an "enhanced" version that complicates what was a nice simple and useful product with extra "features" that only a small minority might want or use. The bottom line: if you don't care for the current selection of available clock replacements, be patient and wait a month instead of spending your money. For in a month you may very well be present with a number of new options and the one sort of would accepted may have disappeared along with some of the ones that you did not like at all. So do your research, keep informed, try to stay with the freeware products if they can fulfill your needs to avoid the disappointment of spending money for something that you may not be pleased with later on, and enjoy you dance in the mine field of clock replacements. I am currently using this product in its freeware mode, like it, and have had no problem with it other than its occasional "Nag" for money. My only quibble with it is the price required to activate all of its features. That is why I rated it as "poor value." Its freeware mode saved it from a "1" in this category. Other than that I would recommend it.
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16 February 2005
Version: 1.6.4
This app is a great idea, and what I've wanted since the original CalendarClock 1.0, but it requires Entourage to be open and is slow when it launches, etc. I don't even have to have Entourage open to get reminders from it's built-in notifier. Hopefully MCC4E it won't be this bloated feeling forever. Still keeping my eye on this, but not straying from the nice and lightweight (and free) original CalendarClock 1.0
26 January 2005
Version: 1.6b6
Kept getting the spinning ball. My calendar is pretty large (6xxx items according to data file on palm). Looks cool and will likely buy if the bugs get worked out.
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