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    Cedric Merle
PrintFinder helps you to print a Finder folder list.
What's New
Version 4.5.0b2:
  • Improved software update engine
  • Automatic use of the folder name for the final file name
  • Fixed a bug related to the destination folder for saving the list
  • Improved translations
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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PrintFinder User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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Aspartamemsgsuck reviewed on 02 Oct 2011
This really is a useful program. I just tested it in Lion and it works fine for me. I did find that foreign characters in file names get messed up... It is a shame, but seems like it is no longer being developed...
[Version 4.5.0b2]

BillJParker commented on 30 May 2009
Convenient program to save a few keystrokes otherwise spent using "ls" in terminal while indexing removable discs... very pleasant to use.

The only improvements I can see would be pre-populating the output list/file name box with the same name as the directory that is listed. Also, allowing it to remember that you want subfolders listed, instead of having to re-check the box for each directory. Those two things and it would be perfect instead of great!
[Version 4.4.2]


paulc commented on 26 Jun 2008
Very nice app... one small suggestion. The sub folders option seems to mean "drill down as far as necessary." But what I really need this app for is to do only two levels down (the folder itself and one level after that).

And I'd like to see a tab character/indention before each subfolder.

Think of one's iTunes folder... a list with each artist and each album under each artists, just that with all albums indented from the artist folder. Like so:

Rubber Soul

In OS9 one could select all, hit the right arrow and get a display just like this... AND print it.
[Version 4.2]

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paulc replied on 26 Jun 2008
Ooops, I put spaces for the indenting except this board software eliminated them...


hced reviewed on 16 Jun 2008
This is nice. Clean and concise interface, works properly in my testing.

Missing one feature, though: Spotlight Comments. As far as I know, the only similar app that can handle this, is (the commercial) app, Print Window.
[Version 4.1.4]


design-Q commented on 25 Jan 2008
Tested it for the first time and it's great. Have been looking for this sort of appl. now too lazy to maintain the hierarchy of my home folder. Just in time for some spring cleaning, in winter...

Oh, tried 'ls | lp' too... Not so easy for non-terminal guy like me. That cmd just print out the content of my home folder (with some other option as well I should think). Came across that info today too.

[Version 4.0.4]


Lounge Deluxe commented on 29 Nov 2007
This app is very well thought through. Just drag a folder to its main window and adjust the preferred settings for viewing and printing the contents of the specific folder (Including any subfolders). You can choose from several types of output, i.e. Ms Word, .pdf, .txt etc.

Highly recommended!
[Version 4.0.2]

db commented on 26 Nov 2007
this is truly a beautiful piece of work. I see myself using this only occasionally, but when I do I will be traveling "en luxus". Thank you.
[Version 4.0.2b6]


ColoradoJoe commented on 26 Nov 2007
I have never posted a comment before, however, some posts resound with a condescending tone that compels me to reply. I sincerely appreciate those who, from whatever motive, freely offer to others the fruit of their efforts. Unfortunately, far too many succumb to the temptation to tear down rather than build up, to criticize rather than encourage, to belittle rather than strengthen. Thank you Cedric Merle for the frequent updates that so obviously reflect your efforts to improve upon your work. I am not competent to write a program like PrintFinder, so please accept my gratitude.
[Version 4.0.2b6]


delight1 commented on 24 Nov 2007
is it too hard to do "ls | lp"?
[Version 4.0.2b3]


ssnickerer commented on 14 Nov 2007
You can do this easily with OS X's native applications.

In Finder, select the files you want to "list." Hit Copy.

Go to TextEdit, switch to plain text mode, and hit Paste. Voilà!
[Version 4.0b4]

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sjk replied on 20 Nov 2007
Looks like basic Unix ls command output, which doesn't seem particularly useful for printing without at least sizes and dates.

If I wanted to print a flat view of a folder from the GUI I'd just drag it in a Camino window to get a listing that includes generic icons, sizes, dates in addition to file/folder names. That works in at least Firefox, too. Not Safari because its windows aren't drop targets for folders.

Lounge Deluxe replied on 11 Dec 2007
Sure, and who needs Ms Word when we have TextEditor, right? Come on, dude.

Mattstanford replied on 21 May 2010
...which lists the files in some bizarre order, not related to the alphabet, Gregorian calendar, or file size.
I don't want to learn terminal commands, so I loved PrintFinder. Excellent example of free specific-purpose mac app.
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Janpyer rated on 01 Nov 2012

[Version 4.5.0b2]

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Type:Utilities : Desktop
Date:16 May 2010
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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PrintFinder helps you to print a Finder folder list.

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