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Poly`s Gone

10 May 2006

3D polygon to 2D vector line art conversion.


Poly's'Gone is your premier solution for advanced 3D polygon to 2D vector line art conversion, used for documentation and illustration purposes. Poly's'Gone is not producing an ordinary hidden-line rendering you are familliar to receive by using a CAD application! Poly's'Gone strength is a special hidden-line rendering technique. It produces thick lines indicating an objects contour and thin lines that represent the visible inner edges of an 3D object. All of this even with export to a scaleable vector file - no pixel based image. This is by far much more than any CAD package is capable of.

By using 3D CAD or modelling applications for architectural and mechanical engineering, it is still an issue to process, reduce and simplify the high degree of accuracy that is inherit to 3D files down to the requirements of technical illustration and documentation. Furthermore, the usage of pixel based images exported from CAD programs is usually not recommended for integration and processing with existing illustrated parts catalogues (IPCs) and technical manuals.

Most of the time, they are too colorful and have a fixed raster resolution that can lead to headaches when going to press.

Unraveling the difficult task to go from 3D CAD to 2D vector illustration is where Poly's'Gone comes to play - simply export parts and assemblies from your favorite 3D program as OBJ (Wavefront / 3D Paint) or VRML file format and convert with Poly's'Gone to a convenient 2D vector file right away. Of course, this conversion can be performed according to an existing layout or drawing style guide for your vector line images.

What's new in Poly`s Gone

Version 1.4:
  • Improved user-interface for Mac OS X Tiger.
  • Updated manual.

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