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05 January 2005

Helps Java developers choose which Class is required.


Are you a Java developer who has come across the ClassNotFoundException and aren't sure which jar file is needed to add to the classpath? Let ClassFinder give you a hand. ClassFinder will help you find which jar (or zip) file needs to be added to your classpath.

Just select the directory to search through (with the jar files) and the class name to look for. ClassFinder will search through all of the jar files and display which jar files contain the class name.

ClassFinder can currently search through .jar files and .zip files. If you need to look through other types of files (.tar, .gz, etc...), please contact us.

Users can search for the name of the class itself, the package or the directory structure of the file name. A search can look like (no quotes) 'ClassName', 'com.companyname.project.ClassName', or 'com/companyname/project/ClassName'. ClassFinder will search for any file names in the .jar or .zip files. It is not limited to only class names.

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