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Function Helper

05 January 2005

FileMaker function debugger.


Function Helper is a FileMaker solution to assist developers in the creation, debugging and storage of custom functions for FileMaker Developer 7.

As powerful as the new custom function feature of FileMaker Developer 7 is for creating powerful database solutions, it isn't without its limitations. "Function Helper" is designed to allow developers to edit and debug custom functions without having to move in and out of the Custom Function dialog box. Using a completely native FileMaker interface, developers can create custom functions, specify parameters and result type, enter functions, input sample parameters, and immediately see the results of the function. Debugging becomes as easy as editing the function field and getting immediate feedback.

In addition to its primary task of simplifing the creation of custom functions, "Function Helper" also serves as a convenient database for custom functions, and ships with a prepopulated database of over 30 useful custom functions, culled from the popular online FileMaker forums and from the developers at Chivalry Software.

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